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Chapter Seven

Another time, another place …

The Temple of Typhonis stood at the very center of the Eltarian capitol of Andros City. Flanked by massive statues of the five Guardian Beasts, it was the home of the order of Morphing Masters. Within its walls, the twelve Morphing Masters interpreted the Morphing Grid and oversaw the actions of Power Ranger teams across a dozen worlds. From the temple, Ranger squadrons were dispatched to bring peace to war-torn systems within the Confederation, as well to protect the very source of life, the Zeo Crystals.

Dressed in solid white robes bound by gold breastplates, the Morphing Masters sat in cylindrical chairs spread across the outer wall of the chamber, each designated by the tribal symbol of each of the Ranger teams under their command.

Master Amit, the council member representing the Eltarian Rangers, stood and addressed his fellow councilmembers.

“My esteemed colleagues, as you know, the Dathos Crusades claimed the life of the Eltarian Green Ranger, Buraee. While his loss is felt amongst all those who are protected by the Great Power, we cannot afford to leave Zordon’s team broken. It is to that end that I nominate a new Green Ranger.”

The council whispered amongst themselves while Amit stood patiently. Finally, the Tryforian Master, Strand, spoke.

“The council agrees to hear your nomination, Amit.” Stepping from the shadows, Rita Repulsa glanced around at the council and swallowed past the hard lump in her throat.

“Thank you. For the rank of Green Ranger, I nominate the champion of the City Games, Rita Repulsa. For her bravery in the face of such competition, her humility, which knows no end, and her intelligence in the face of overwhelming odds, I ask that the Morphing Grid show her true heart to you all so that she may bear the mantle of the Green Ranger,” Amit said, as the recessed matrix at the room’s center suddenly came to life. Hovering above the matrix, a flickering orb of light spun as the Masters sought the answers in its images. Then, without warning, the luminescent globe vanished. A low hum came from the matrix as a deafening explosion rocked the temple.

The windows shattered upon the impact of the blast, sending razor-sharp daggers of glass across the room. As if by instinct, Rita grabbed Amit and shoved him to safety behind a fallen table. A terrible screeching sound filled the air as darkness descended upon the temple. Amit recognized the call of the dragon, Serpentara. A trilling alarm sounded within the temple as a squad of temple guards, dressed in red Ranger-esque crystalline armor topped by gold breastplates, filled in. As the temple guards helped the Masters to safety, Rita caught a glimpse of the green and gold Dragon Dagger at Amit’s feet.

Without warning, Nemesian troops stormed the chamber, blasting the temple guards with black blaster rifles. Slowing her breathing, Rita flipped over the table and grabbed the Dragon Dagger in one swift, fluid motion. Armed, she dove into the midst of the Nemesian troops, slicing with the energy blade of the dagger and utilizing her combat skills to fell the troops. Each determined strike came with purpose- no motion was wasted. One by one, the Nemesian diamondbacks were obliterated by the potential heir to the Green Ranger powers. As the last troop landed on the hard floor, his helmet cracked to reveal his mortal wound, the chamber went silent. Focused in a crouch, Rita opened her eyes and took in the scene.

The burnt smell of ozone penetrated her nostrils as her ears rang from the concussive force of the blast. Outside, the battle waged on- but, for the moment, the chamber was silent, and the council of Masters was safe. As she helped Amit to his feet, Rita spun the dagger by the hilt and relinquished it to the Eltarian Master.

Shaking his head, Amit gently shoved the weapon away. “Keep it. My apprentice sensed it, even when I could not- the Morphing Grid has obviously chosen you. Your power protected not just yourself, but the entire council as well.” Around the room, the confused and stunned council of Masters echoed the Eltarian’s sentiments.

“It is decided. Amit, brief your Ranger on the Dathos Crusade and immediately dispatch her to her team. They will need her strength.” Strand, the senior Master, added, as he turned to one of the guards. “Lieutenant, get your squad outside and get the wounded to safety. Call the five-four-one and raise the Tryforian Rangers.”

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