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Hey Everyone!

Jason Bischoff here, Director of Global Consumer Products for Saban Brands. Hope all is well! Normally, I'm a creeper around these parts (always have been, will likely always be). That said, I've noticed a lot of misinformation re: Megabloks and Bruce Lowell's recent Lego Ideas project and I'd like to clear the water.

Before we get started, please note that this is a special, one time post. I will not be taking questions on this topic in the forum (nor will I be answering other questions here). Should you like to get in touch, you can do so publically via twitter @prometheanworks. While I can't always answer (per the limits of my job), I'd like to think that I always do my best (hopefully some of you will vouch for that).

OK, on with the show!

>Re: Mega
-This is an older deal (one that I inherited) that is technically still active
-The more-recent Mega product reveals (again) are older in nature and were held for movie timing
-The upcoming MMPR items will see an extremely limited release in specialty stores worldwide (big box retailers TBD)
-It is a non-exclusive deal

>Re: LEGO Ideas
-This was a very pleasant, unexpected surprise; great timing!
-I really commend Bruce Lowell on his design/work!
-There is nothing about the MEGA deal that prevents us from exploring LEGO ideas
-LEGO ideas submissions often find their way into other Lego avenues (full lines, games etc.)

Can't say it enough: if you'd like to see LEGO Power Rangers stuff, we really need you guys to rally up, get behind it and vote with your votes! Sharing on social is also an excellent way to help (and Bruce has made it easy for us with banners available on his website).

Long story short: I think this campaign is a terrific way to show Lego how big and awesome we are as a fandom.

Thanks for listening,

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