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Ressha Sentai TOQGER Rumors Thread (2014 Edition)

The Story:

To protect the route of light, the "Rainbow Line" from the "Shadow" of evil, the 38th Super Sentai starts to run!

The TokkyuRessha, and the special ability of the Tokkyuger- to switch their colors. (Shown here is TokkyuIchigo Green.)

Notes about the toyline: The collectible gimmick, the TokkyuResshars, act not only as personalized henshin devices, but as mecha and powering methods for the rangers' weapons. That means the entirely toy line works together.

Ressha Gattai Series 1-5 Ressha Gattai DX TokkyuOh:
Combined from the core 5 TokkyuResshar- RedResshar, BlueResshar, YellowResshar, GreenResshar, PinkResshar. Armed with the Fumikiri Ken (Railroad Crossing Sword).

TokkyuBlaster- The Tokkyuger's common arms. Can switch from Uchimasu Mode (Firing Mode) to Kirimasu Mode (Cutting Mode). Comes with a TokkyuResshar, the "ScopeRessha" which combines with TokkyuOh, switching out for the left hand.

TokkyuBuckle- The Tokkyuger's belt buckle. Holds the "Rainbow Pass". Comes with with a TokkyuResshar, the (Name unreadable), which forms the Signal Shield for TokkyuOh.

Renketsu Bazooka- A team cannon formed from the Tokkyuger's personal weapons. Ichigo has the Rail Slasher, Nigo has the Form Trigger, Sango has the Shingo Hammer, Yongo has the Tunnel Axe, and Gogo has the Tekkyou Claw. Comes with the TokkyuResshar, EnergyResshar, which can combine with TokkyuOh by replacing the left arm.

Transfer Change series TokkyuIchigo, Nigo and Sango:

Action figures of Ichigo, Nigo and Sango. It seems the Tokkyuger have the ability to "transfer", which changes the numbers on their suits and allow them to use the other rangers' powers. (Note Red holding Blue's weapon, and so on and so forth.) Under that are the usual bonus toys- SH figure series, punching bag and watch.

Ressha Gattai Series TankResshar:

Combines with TokkyuOh to make TokkyuOh Tank. (Replaces both hands)

Ressha Gattai Series CarCarrierResshar:

Combines with TokkyuOh to form TokkyuOh CarCarrier (Replaces the right hand)


The Tokkyuger's changer. Each ranger loads a different TokkyRessha into the changer to transform. The TokkyuRessha in turn double as their mecha and our collection gimmick this year. A set of both TokkyuOh and the Changer will be released as well.

The new show for 2014 shall be
Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger

Which to break it down means this team will be highly active, passionate, perhaps slightly angry, and have express trains.

Old rumour.




A new rumor has popped up that says the 2014 Sentai will be rescue themed (like GoGoV):

Title- Tokubou Sentai Kyuumeijya (Special Protection Taskforce Life Savers)


-Another Rescue Sentai, in the mode of GoGoV

-A further try at the "realistic look" attempted by Go-Busters, with show set up akin to RescuePolice

-The number of rangers in the show will be 9, using the pun "Kyuumei" (Life Saving) and "Kyu" (9)

-The 9 will be divided up into teams, like the Gouraiger and Go-OnWings

-There will be no main enemy, but a Rogues Gallery like Dekaranger

Along with news of a "Rescue Sentai", comes a rumor about the Zyuranger actors guest starring during September episodes of Kyouryuger. Mei's actor previously stated the cast would make an announcement.

Rumor- 2014 Sentai will be called "Senkan Sentai Gounova"

A time-table of recent years' series being revealed: (Thanks to GoldSamurai for compiling it)


Kyoryuger 2nd quarter toy pictures posted February 6th

Kyoruger Villain info posted on January 26th

Kyoruger press conference photos on January 26th

Kyoryuger Toy Exhibition pictures posted on January 26th

Preview of Kyoryuger opening on January 26th

Character bios on January 19th

Cast revealed on December 31

Kyoryugers VS cameo revealed in a Telebi-Kun. Also first time the public actually sees them. Posted On December 22nd

-1st quarter toy catalog revealed on December 7th

Press flyer revealed on December 6th 2012

Press flyer information posted on December 6th

-2012 super sentai name confirmed on September 5th 2012


-Go-buster's series title confirmed on September 9th 2011

-Go-buster's 1st toy catalog leaked on December 1st 2011
-Go-buster's press flier revealed on December 1st 2011

-Rumor of cast on November 28th

-Go-buster cast confirmed and newspaper flier on December 31st 2011

-Last week of January 2011 and the press conference/stage show/toy exhibit\bouquet handover


-Series name license revealed on September 9th 2010

-Press flyer revealed on December 2nd 2010

-1st toy catalog pictures released on December 6th

-The rumored cast turned out to be correct on December 22nd 2010


-Press flyer revealed on December 3rd 2010

-Toy catalog cover on December 6th

-1st quarter toy catalog on December 9th

-Rumored cast becomes the official cast on December 30th

-Cast confirmed on January 1st


-Series name license revealed on October 2nd 2008

-Leaked concept art of ShinkenOh and Shinkenger team on November 19th

- 1st quarter toy catalog for Shinkenger on December 8th

-Cast confirmed and newspaper flier on December 27th

-Press conference photos posted on February 2nd 2009


-First mention of "Go-onger" name on October 27th 2007

-1st toy catalog cover on December 6th 2007

-Go-Onger cast revealed in promo video on December 29th 2008

-Go-Onger press conference on January 19th 2008

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