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People are morons who don't know Vertigo is owned by DC comics thus its DC. Also Sandman is based on the JSA character Sandman he even makes a cameo in the Sandman Vertigo book.
Iiiit's a bit complicated. Sandman started when Vertigo was becoming a thing and no one was really sure if it was its own thing or if it was just a more mature side to the regular DCU. Gaiman took A LOT of ideas and characters from previously-used DC books, most of which were in disuse for one reason or another, particularly some from DC's anthology titles (IIRC, Cain came from House of Mystery, though don't quote me on that). It's a great example of taking old ideas and doing new things with them, especially in how he tied in previous characters to hold the Sandman name and weaving them into the Dream's own backstory. The mythology he crafted is superb and while the book's tone has fluctuated a bit, particularly from fantasy to horror, it's still one of the best comics ever produced. While I doubt I'll ever talk about it on AT4W, I DID look at a favorite storyline of mine during Longbox of the Damned since it was horror-themed.

Archie, sadly, has proven itself twice to me to not be the greatest subject. TMNT Meets Archie was able to bolster itself up on the sheer ludicrousness of the crossover, but the Christmas-themed one was hit and miss, since a lot of it is just so bland that there isn't much to make fun of.

Sonic is pretty much what others have said - I'm not familiar or interested enough in the books to really "get" the problems in it. I still want to do the Annual where they cross over with Image characters and I do have a copy of it, though I'm not currently planning on doing it this year. The reason Sonic Live ended up being the 100th episode was because Sonic comics were honestly the most requested thing from people to review and plenty of people recommended it on that basis, since you didn't need to really know very much about the Sonic universe to know it was bizarre and stupid. And yeah, to me Sonic growing up was just that cool and fun game and nothing more. I saw Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog occasionally on TV and was entertained by it, but I didn't even know Sonic SATAM even existed until the Critic's review.

Well yeah, but it'd be nice to see him go outside of his DC/Marvel comfort zone that isn't Image comics.
Actually, unless it's a theme-month or reviewing multiple issues over a few weeks, it's usually alternating - Marvel, then indy/imprint, then DC, then indy/imprint, then Marvel, and etc. There are exceptions if I want to look at something at a specific time, but otherwise I usually keep to that. That way it keeps the reviews from becoming stale by looking at wildly varying things from week to week and helps keep material fresh, since whatever problems they have are unique to their situation and can give me new things to talk about. I was actually rather sad when I had to reorganize a bit and push reviews back so that Wild Thing ended up right before 2099 Month, since it meant I was talking about 90s Comics for 5 straight weeks. It's helped that the four 2099 comics are all pretty different.

his 20 minute comic review takes so so much effort, he is asking us to support his ass, he says he will not work a job, fuck him, my point was that if hes not willing to make 1 video in a year why should i support him? it is the show making him money, its the show that got most of us here to watch his other crap, his body of work as a whole reflects the person he is.

qqq give my fat ass money to buy comics and not make the videos i promised id make qqqq then ill bitch more until you watch the boring repetitive ads on my videos because i refuse to work but blow my money.
"My body of work as a whole reflects the person I am." ...You mean the 494 videos on my blip account, 467 of which are not History of Power Rangers-related? For the record, I had a growing fanbase BEFORE I started History of Power Rangers and have a consistent one now, which is about equal to History of Power Rangers if view counts can be believed. I still am going to try to FINISH History of Power Rangers this year (not that it's going very well - been focusing on the DVD and plushie cybermats so I haven't had a chance to watch Overdrive's first episode).

That being said, while I acknowledge that my remarks were more than a bit rude and hostile to people here and in the credits to the videos, I've taken a step back to realize how it looks for a lot of people and that many didn't know how adblockers affected the producers, so I decided to explain it as calmly as possible. And I never asked people for money. I'm STILL not asking people for money. People asked ME if they could donate money and as such I finally made the option available.

However, if you want me to ACTUALLY be rude, I can certainly accomodate. For starters, I'm sensing sarcasm from that opening line, that producing a 20-minute comic review isn't difficult at all. Fine then, smartass, you try doing it every week for four years while also trying to be funny, tightening editing, improving lighting and set, arguing with editing software, analyzing things in a compelling fashion, scanning comics, and doing your damndest to make it worth people's time and attention while ALSO producing a storyline along with it for a good chunk of those videos, and then you can tell me how it apparently requires no effort.

I look forward to seeing the results of YOUR easy labor, since clearly I've been doing it wrong all these years.

EDIT: Oh, and because apparently I also need to explain this: if you're getting consistently paid for an activity on a regular basis and have to pay taxes based on that income? IT'S A JOB. So please tell stop telling me to "get a job" when I've already got one.
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