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Red Ranger's Tigerzord:

The Tigerzord more closely resembles the Tora Origami than the Beetlezord does the Kabuto Origami. When the Tigerzords legs are pointed forward, he can be rolled along ground on his disc, and the front drill legs will spin, just like the japanese version. There is no rotating dial like on the Tora, and the back legs do not have the same circular drill shape. Instead the Tigerzord's back legs are more traditional in shape, flatter instead of round. There's of course no chrome, but they picked a nice shade of silver instead of leaving them gray. It catches the light really well. The color of the zord itself though is an off white, it almost looks pink in the lighting I have here. The tail is one molded piece and cannot be moved like the Tora tail.

The little red samurai ranger can move his head and his sword hand wrist. He can ride the Tigerzord by moving the back legs further back, and there are 2 pegs for his feet. As with the Beetlezord, the pegs do fit the regular rangers, but it's harder to get both pegs in both feet on this one because of how the legs are molded.

Combining with the Samurai Megazord:

When combining with the Megazord, the instructions aren't real clear on this, but the lion zord actually has a back piece I didn't know moved, that folds out. This is where the Tigerzord plugs in. Remove the proper circular leg and place it on the back, and move the flatter legs out to the sides of the zord. I did this wrong in the pics lol. The head goes right over the Samurai Megazord, but the tail symbol doesn't close, it only stays in the one position.


Thoughts: I was looking forward to the Tigerzord more, and I'm a little more disappointed in it. This zord did need to be a little bigger, and the color should have been a vibrant white. Plus the head ornament really needed to close and open. It's still fun, but it's honestly lacking. The combination with the Megazord still looks good though, and I don't mind the legs being moved to the side for the Battlewing/Samurai Megazord combination. Having the tiger legs as breast on the Shinken Oh was not a flattering look. I'm surprised and glad they were able to emulate the disc action features of the origami so well though. I say that these auxillary zords would be a great addition, and anyone that's already got the Megazord should pick them up no question when they get more widely released. BBTS is backordered on them now, and changed the release date for the Swordfish zord to February, so maybe that's when more are on the way.

Other Pictures:

2/3 of the Battlewing Megazord as I can figure, there aren't any instructions I could see for making it.

The I'm guessing, Samurai Wing Megazord?


They grow up so fast:

My Samurai Ranger team thus far:

Samurai Rangers with Origami:

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