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Okay, i'm gonna post the review here instead of www.spiralsaber/ for now.

Green Ranger's Beetlezord:
When you roll the zord along the ground, the head spins, just like if you spin the hidden disc on the Kabuto Origami. You can see where the disc would have been, but it doesn't open up and there's no movement. The horn of the zord has the extended version that will become the beak for the Battlewing Megazord molded in the permanently extended position.

The little Green Ranger he comes with is only articulated at the head. The zord features a little peg near the back so the Green Ranger figure can ride atop him. The peg is the same size as the holes on the regular Mega Samurai Rangers.

The figure is a little shorter than the basic figures.

Combining with the Samurai Megazord:
When the Japanese version of the Samurai Beetle Megazord is formed, the bulk of the body just rest out from the back of the head. The legs are attached to the side of the arms. In the American version, the head of the beetle separates and folds open to rest atop the face of the Samurai Megazord. In the Japanese version the beetle mandibles split open to reveal a new Shinken Oh face, the regular Shinken Oh head is folded back down into the lion. The rest of the Beetlezord's body becomes a shield for Shinken Oh.


Thoughts: I'm incredible stoked that Bandai America is doing what I've been saying to do for years and release the auxiliary zords in a vehicular capacity. I do wish they were a little bigger by themselves, but when combined with the Megazord, the smaller size works to it's advantage. Kabuto Shinken Oh looks incredible awkward with the large body sticking out from the back. Bandai America took the most important part of the combination, the head which forms the basis for the finisher, and made that the centerpiece. The only problem I have with the combination is I wish they could have found a way to attack the legs to the sides of the turtle and ape zords. That would have made the transition less noticeable, but these individual combinations only showed up in Shinkenger a handful of times, so they probably won't have much screen time in Samurai. The only problem I have with the Beetlezord itself is the permanently molded beak/horn, I wish that could retract in when in beetle mode.

The little rangers are throw away for me, I might display them on my desk at work or something. Actually now that I typed it, that's right where they are going.

Up next, the Red Ranger's Tigerzord!
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