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Is it against policy to create a username containing, but obviously not intending to impersonate, the username of another?
Yes. It's also against policy to state
Hi, I am a RangerBoard member and I serve the Power Rangers fandom by righting the wrongs of RyuLong
I'm gonna try to figure out what "these" wrongs are but all I know is
  • Screencaps of TV shows have to go through a lot of red tape on Wiki. You have to state exactly where the screencap comes from, show and episode # will do. You also have to say exactly what the image is of, what page you are going to use it on, who owns the copyrights to that image, why it should be used on that page, and then you have to select a copyright tag. This is what Snoops is complaining about. He skipped a step or two and that's why the images had to be deleted.
  • BurgundyRanger's and Kyl's issue is something else entirely. Just because they are right about episode titles and air dates every single year does not mean that Wikipedia can use them for sources for this information. There are rules and shit that everyone here just does not want to read about and I won't bother saying anything more about. Stop being butthurt because it's probably not going to happen again unless Disney buys the rights to making something out of Shinkenger.
  • The Allies/Villains shit is annoying because the wiki pages are just "Allies in" or "Villains of" when it's not like the name of the group. Itassis and Matoombo would be members of the Ten Terrors but they're not villains, but if you're going to remove them from the villains page and only have 8 of the Ten Terrors, that makes things confusing.
  • The colons. Oh the colons. TV Guide uses them. Bandai's blog doesn't. Who knows who is right on their use or lack of use. Who really gives a shit after all? It's just a website.
  • I finally found out the ass who kept calling me Double Dragon and Dragon Dragon. I guess "Merlin" was already registered on Wikipedia and "Howa0082" was all you could think of.
  • And on a similar note Merlin, why is having separate pages on the TV show (Gekiranger) and the characters in the show (Geki Juken) a bad thing?
  • Lemonik: oh you.
I guess this all boils down to the fact that Arrow and I know how the site works and people like Godzilla Ranger NYC, MegaZeo, Snoops Warner, and Merlin got angry when we told them otherwise. Rules exist on Wikipedia. I learned them. If you don't want to learn those rules, don't do things on Wikipedia. If I kept breaking the rules of RangerBoard or any other website, I'd eventually be banned from it. Why would Wikipedia be any different?
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