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Some more quotes From Dan Evans III:

"Only on Power Rangers is there 3 minutes of scene with everyone standing in the dark. I should just animate stuff over it." - Dec. 11 2009

"I was fiddling with Power Rangers but I could play some Modern Warfare if someone was on..." - Nov. 29 2009

"I can't imagine why I am using a japanese [sic] translator for these episodes of Power Rangers. I hope the fans don't kill me" - Nov. 24 2009

"Redoing the Green Ranger Main Title for Power Rangers. If there is something you want in it you better speak up now!" - Nov. 20 2009

"Holy crap the black ranger only has 9 fingers?!?" - Nov. 16 2009


"There is nothing as ridiculous as arguing about your artistic intent for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." - Oct. 10 2009

"...I might have been drinking wine while working my way thru the Green Ranger Saga." - Oct. 9 2009

"HAHAHAH THE BLACK RANGER IS WEAR A MALCOM X SHIRT! I hope S&P doesn't make me blur that..." - Oct. 7 2009

"Yeah, I am working on MMPR so I have to review the episodes, no matter how bad." - Sept. 30 2009

"...Back to making Power Rangers better for America" - Sept. 16 2009

"Should I feel bad that I just changed the black Ranger's shot int he opening credits? I think he will thank me." - Sept. 15 2009

"I am only 5 episodes into Power Rangers and I am already fighting to keep an episode from getting pulled. I love my job!" - Sept. 1 2009

"Well I reviewed my deal memo and W-9. there is no getting out of this Power Rangers thing now." - Jul. 31 2009
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