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Angel Grove

Also known as: City of Angels, Coast City
State: California
County: Angel Grove County (County Seat)
Founded on August 28, 1793 by Captain James Cook
Incorporated April 19, 1850

Mayor: Jon Carrington
City Attorney: Nicholas Bell
District Judge: Carla Perez

Points of Interest

Neighborhoods: Angel Hills, Regan Creek, Angel Cove, Angel Heights, Brentwood

Public locations: Harbor-UCAG Medical Center, Angel Grove Police Headquarters, Richard Horvitz Public Library, Joseph Hahn State Park, Robert L. Manahan Memorial Bridge, Harbor Bridge, David Fielding Square

Businesses: Destine Technologies, Destine Oil, Ziktor Aerospace

Colleges: University of California at Angel Grove (UCAG)

Sports Teams: Angel Grove Breakers (NFL), Angel Grove Guardians (NBA), Angel Grove Angels (MLB), Angel Grove Saints (NHL)

Media: The Angel Grove Times, Channel 5 Broadcasting Center

Other: Axelrod Penitentiary (On Shuki Island)


The roots of modern Angel Grove trace back to the founding of the Archangel Mission by British settlers led by St. Rafael Olivier Archangel on the Levy Peninsula in 1771, under direction by Pope Innocent XI. However, with the Revolutionary Wars beginning, and most of the colonial soldiers returning to the east, the mission was vulnerable and was soon forgotten by the thirteen colonies.

Then, on August 28, 1793, the township of Angel Grove was founded by Captain James Cook, after successfully exploring and settling the Hawaiian Islands. Cook, however, died two months later, while preparing to return to England.

However, in 1804, Californian governor Pio Pico made the nearby San Angeles City Alta California's regional capital. The Californios, however, soon occupied Angel Grove, as well as San Angeles. During this time, Angel Grove was the sight of several mysterious encounters with celestial beings the people called 'angels', who managed to liberate the town from Mexican rule. However, such a claim cannot be proven, as the military forces occupying the Peninsula were also directed to San Angeles near the end of the Mexican-American war.

Then, in 1847, the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed at Campo Desfiladero de Piedra and Americans took control of the Levy Peninsula. In 1876, the Southern Pacific railroad company completed its line to Angel Grove. The completion of the line was followed by the discovery of oil in 1892, and by 1923, Angel Grove was producing one quarter of the world's petroleum.

Geography & Geology

Angel Grove is located on the West Coast of the USA at the tip of Levy Peninsula, stretching across the Santa Carta channel onto the mainland and includes significant stretches of the Pacific Ocean and Angel Grove Bay within its boundaries. Shuki Island, which is home to the Axelrod Penitentiary, is also a part of the city.

Angel Grove is also subject to earthquakes, due to its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire. The geologic instability produces numerous fault lines both above and below ground, which altogether cause approximately 10,000 earthquakes every year. One of the major fault lines is the San Angeles Fault. Located at the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate, it is predicted to be the source of Southern California's next big earthquake.


The city is divided into many neighborhoods, many of which were towns that were annexed by the growing city. There are also several independent cities in and around Angel Grove, but they are popularly grouped within the city of Angel Grove, either due to being completely engulfed as enclaves by Angel Grove, or lying within its immediate vicinity. Generally, the city is divided into the following areas: Downtown Angel Grove, which is at the heart of the Levy Peninsula, Stone Canyon, which serves as a geographic boundary between Angel Grove and San Angles Counties, the Industrial Harbor, Angel Cove, and the San Fernando Valley.

Some well known communities of Angel Grove include Angel Heights, the Downtown Financial and Commercial Districts, the Civic District, Silver Lake, and the more affluent areas of Angel Hills, Angel Gove, the Pacific Palisades, Regan Creek, and Brentwood.


Angel Grove is the home of the Angel Grove Angels of Major League Baseball, the Angel Grove Saints of the National Hockey League, the Angel Grove Breakers of the National Football League, and the Angel Grove Guardians of the National Basketball Association. Angel Grove once hosted the summer Olympic Games, in 1984. Super Bowls I and VII were also held in the city, as well as soccer's international World Cup in 1994.

Angel Grove also boasts a number of sports venues, including the Celestion Center, a sports and entertainment complex that also hosts concerts and awards shows such as the Grammys. Celestion Center also serves as the home arena for the Angel Grove Guardians of the NBA and the Angel Grove Saints of the NHL.


Angel Grove is connected to the mainland of California by two bridges: the Harbor Bridge in the west, connecting the Downtown Financial and Commercial Districts to the Civic District on the mainland, and Robert L. Manahan Memorial Bridge on the east side. Angel Grove is also home to a public light rail light, the Angel Grove Monorail, which services the downtown area on the peninsula.


Angel Grove in the morning fog

Angel Grove at night

Angel Grove City

The Harbor Bridge

The Celestion Center

Angel Grove Waterfront

Angel Grove Skyline

Downtown Angel Grove

David Fielding Square

Marchand Memorial Park

Joseph Hahn State Park

*Disclaimer- All pictures are actual locations within Sydney, Australia*

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