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yeah, this wouldn't fit in the pm box so here it is. Enjoy.

Davis Big Valentine Plan
Summarized April 25, 2002
Veemon starts by asking Davis what his secret plan is about. Davis says that it’s for Valentines Day. He goes on to explain that on Valentines Day girls give chocolate to boys that they like. Veemon says that he wants some too. Davis responds that that is what the plan is for. Veemon makes an announcement for all the girls to remember him on Valentines Day. Davis says that that isn’t the way you do it. The girls have to be like,” Ahh! Davis, you’re so cool!”
Digimon 02 opening plays.
Davis has gone to visit Matt at band practice. Matt asks what Davis wants to be taught. Davis says he’s been thinking of being in a band so he want Matt to teach him about guitar and vocals. Matt asks if he can play. Davis starts strumming the cords. He plays pretty badly. Matt tells him to play correctly. Davis says that he thought it would be cool and starts strumming the cords again. Matt says he’s too young/not skilled enough for right hand and says to play normally. Davis strums again and sounds a little better. Matt says it’s OK and tells Davis to play while singing. Davis sings (really badly), “You are pretty, really pretty, so I want to meet you.” Matt says, “It’s bad to say but you should give up.” Davis like, “What?” The narrator comes in and says that while Davis is doing that, Mimi, Sora, Kari, Palmon, Biyomon, and Gatomon are at a Ginza department store shopping. Kari comments on the amount of chocolate Mimi is buying. Mimi responds that it’s not just for her friends in Japan but also in America. Palmon makes a comment about it being giri-choco (chocolate you are obliged to give). Gatomon suggest that since shopping is done, they all go home. Sora says that she still has some shopping to do. Biyomon says it’s for homemade chocolate. (Note- girls only give homemade chocolate if they really like someone.) All the girls are like, “Woo!” Gatomon and Palmon comment on how they wouldn’t have imagined Sora and Matt together. Sora tries to change the subject and says that she’s found a good cake shop. Mimi and the others talk about Sora and Matt. not really sure what they are talking about. Sora gets mad because they aren’t listening to her. She starts hitting/kicking out at things. Kari comments on this and Biyomon tells Sora to calm down. Sora eventually hits a man. She asks if he’s alright and he says he is. Then he asks if she knows where a heart is. Kari says they should be by the register. He says thanks and stomps away. Mimi is surprised that a man is buying chocolate then comments that men give women chocolate on Valentines in America. Kari says she wishes it would become that way in Japan.
The narrator comes on and says that the man is a digimon.
Narrator: Davis visit’s Izzy’s home
Izzy: Yes.
<Door opens>
Izzy: Oh... it’s Davis, isn’t it.
Davis: (speaking much more formally than normal) Actually, I had a favor to ask so I came over.
Tentomon: What happened Davis? The way you’re speaking, it’s not like the normal you.
Davis: It’s okay if it’s not my normal... Actually, I want to become someone who can use a computer like Izzy. Will you teach me how?
Izzy: I don’t mind teaching you to use computers but will you stop talking like that? It seems like I’m being made fun of.
Davis: Being made fun of? That’s a misunderstanding.
Izzy: Really. My mistake.
Tentomon: What do you want to learn on the computer?
Davis: Well, like, something that people will see and know “Ahhh! You’re great at computers! Wow!”
Izzy: If you want that, graphics software is good. 3D or morphing or...
V-mon: What’s morphing?
Izzy: It’s this. Look here a bit.
<Computer sounds>
V-mon: Wow! Davis face digivolved to my face.
Izzy: Here’s the manual. Davis, why don’t you try it.
Davis: Ok. Hmm... like this maybe...
<Tapping keys and a beep>
Davis: Ah! Ahhhh!
<Warning sound starts>
Tentomon: What happened?
<Warning sounds and mouse clicking>
Davis: The mouse won’t stop like I want it to. Stop!
<Sounds of Davis hitting the computer>
Izzy: Ahh! What are you doing!?!
<More hitting of the computer>
Davis: Eh?
Tentomon: People who don’t treat computers with respect have no right to use them!
Izzy: GE-GE-GET OUT! <Some weird sound like something being thrown> <Door slam>
After they leave Izzy’s house, Davis and Veemon are walking on the street. Veemon says that he’s never seen Izzy that angry before. Davis (using polite language again) agrees. Ken calls out to them. Davis greets him. TK comments on Davis speaking. Daisuke responds by greeting TK too. Patamon asks if Davis is OK. Davis says he’s thankful for the concern but he’s fine. Wormmon asks what happened and Veemon responds that Davis is changing his image. Ken says that isn’t like him and the old Motomiya is better. TK agrees and says that everyone prefers the Davis that doesn’t think about things, just dose them. Davis is like, “‘Without thinking about things...’ Hmph! Don’t make fun of me. I think about things!” (Note- he’s back to speaking normally again.) Veemon agrees and says that Davis thinks about ‘what’s this?’ and ‘what should we play next?’ Ken says that that amount is fine, but please stop thinking past that. TK says they like the normal Davis. Davis thinks to himself, ‘Why are they doing this? Oh, they’re worried that I’ll change my image and girls will like me more. So...’ Ken continues talking and Davis runs off. Then Ken’s like, “Where are you going? Listen until I’m done talking!” Davis calls back that he doesn’t want to hear and Veemon runs after him. TK wonders what happened to Davis. Ken says that he hopes that something bad doesn’t happen. Palmon points out to Mimi Davis and Veemon running by. Mimi’s hat gets blown off in the wind and she yells out, “Mama! Do you remember?” in English. The unidentified digimon from before goes up to the department store register and asks for a heart. The counter lady tells him to pick on of their products. The digimon says that you can’t buy it with money, he wants a real heart. There’s a scream and bells go off.
Heart Goutou
summarized April 17, 2002
It starts out talking a little bit about the Kido family history (apparently, they’ve been doctors since the Edo period). Then they are at dinner. Joe’s mom tells him to pick whatever food he wants. Shin said that he worked hard on his tests. Joe protests that the test have just finished and the scores haven’t been posted. Then Shuu’s says that no one’s going to eat until Joe does and encourages him to eat. Gomamon starts eating too. Gomamon then asks if Joe is going to help out at his dad’s hospital. Joe gets kind of annoyed that he mentioned that. Then his dad tells Joe not to worry about it, that he won’t force him to help out at the hospital. Shin and Shuu chose their own path’s and Joe can do that too. Then he says Joe should do what he wants. Then... the doorbell rings and Jun, Momoe and Yolei. Jun gets all excited that Shuu is there and starts asking him what type of chocolate he likes. (It’s Valentines Day time and girls make handmade chocolates for the boys they really like... other boys get store bought chocolate.) Shuu’s like, “Why do you want to know?” And Jun’s like, “Why do you think?” (Jun in fan girl mode is so funny ^_^) Gomamon comments that he thought Jun liked Yamato. Jun’s like, “Oh, I did... but now I like Shuu.” Kido-Mom introduces herself to Jun. Kido-Dad introduces himself too and comments that Jun is a nice seeming girl. Gomamon then asks why Yolei and her sister came. Hawkmon says that Jun and Momoe are in the same year at high school. Kido-Mom asks Jun what her hobbies are and if she likes Brahms. Jun thinks that Brahms is maybe a new candy. Shuu gets kind of nervous and asks Joe to do something so Joe turns on the TV. There’s a report on the news about a department store being taken over by some guy looking for hearts. Yamato’s dad and his assistant are part of the news people and they want to get an interview with the guy who took over the department store. Kari, Sora, and Mimi are in the store along with their digimon. Gatomon tries attacking the bad guy but it doesn’t do anything. Mimi and Palmon try to digivolve but their Digivice won’t work. Gatomon is going to try to attack again when Sora’s cell phone rings. It’s Matt’s dad. He got her phone number from Matt. They talk politely to each other about Matt for a bit. Then he asks her to help him interview the bad guy (after his assistant reminds him). The bad guy says his name is Boltmon. (His assistant kind of freaks when he hears it’s a digimon.) Then the digimon analyzer voice comes on and says Boltmon is a Mega-level, Cyborg-type digimon. The assistant thinks Ishida said it by Ishida said it was narration (^__^) and that the narrator had a good voice. Then Ishida asks Sora to find out what Boltmon wants. Then there is the sound of a heart beating. Ishida says, “Shinzo no doki,” (beating of a heart) then asks her to quit with jokes. She giggles and apologized and asks Boltmon. He starts to go into a detailed version of his life story. Sora asks him to make it shorter. He says, “Various stuff happened... the end.” Then Sora tells him not that short and asks him to be clearer. He says that he wanted to set foot in the real world. He appeared at Ueno Park. (Flashback time) Some guy with weird hair came up to him there and started to tell his fortune. He said Boltmon was searching for something and to tell him when he found it. Then the guy with weird hair said that it would be in the candy section at the department store. Then he starts babbling, says “Tokyo is burning” in English, babbles some more and the flashback is over. Then Sora says her report is over. Then Ishida says they will wait for more information on Boltmon and the guy with weird hair.
The Thing the Children Can Do
Summarized June 10, 2002
<Sounds of Emergency vehicles surrounding the department store>
Armadiomon asks what’s going on and Izzy explains that Boltmon is an Mega level. TK comments that they have to get inside. Davis and Tai and their digimon run up and apologize for being late. Cody seems shocked at something about Tai. Gabumon asks what’s up with Tai’s head. Matt makes some comment I can’t understand about Tai’s “trademark spiky hair.” Tai explains that it would be easy to mistake his spiky hair for the spiky-hair guy that Boltmon was talking about so he changed it. Daisuke says that his sister mistook it and call the police. Izzy suggests that they split up into two groups... one to work on getting the girls out of the department store and one to try to track down the spiky- hair guy. Tai says that he, Yamato and Yolei will stay and work on getting the girls out and the others should go searching. The others go off. Yolei asks Tai what they should do. Agumon wants to go in and spy. Tai agrees and says they are good at that. Agumon says he can become PunkAgumon and go in. Hawkmon says that he doesn’t think that something like that would work. Matt volunteers to go and Gabumon says he shouldn’t because the ramen looks bad. Yolei volunteers and Hawkmon agrees saying Gatomon is in there and they can easily Joggness. Taichi agrees and Yolei does the “Let’s go Chosen Children!” thing and goes. Switch to Boltmon’s spiky-hair guy. He does the “Tokyo burning” thing again. The narrator identifies him as Fukumon, a spiky-hair Ultimate Digimon. Joe and the others are looking for the SHG. Joe asks how many of them there are there so they count off. He’s says there’s a few too many and suggest they split up again. Cody says that idea is just like Reliable Joe. Joe decides to take Daisuke and Ken and Izzy will take Cody and TK. Off with Izzy, Cody and TK... Armadiomon and Tentomon start talking about the area they are in with pretty heavy dialects TK is surprised and asks Tentomon if he can do Nagoya dialect. Tentomon is like, “Of course!” and says that Nagoya is Japan’s center and that Tokugawa Iesu (the guy that united Japan under the Shogunate) was from there. Then he kind of does a tongue twister. Cody laughs and says he can do it too and goes into a Nagoya dialect, tongue twister thing. Izzy says that’s just like Cody, who got the crest of knowledge, and that he must have picked it up from Armadiomon (I think Armadiomon speaks Nagoya dialect). Then he tries and does a tongue twister thing. Patamon tells TK to try. TK says he can’t (he speaks very normal Japanese). Patamon says he’ll do it for him and says he can’t do Nagoya dialect but can do Chikuho dialect. Izzy is like, “Of course” and goes into an explanation of how Patamon talks and how it is influenced by Kyuushuu, particularly Chikuho, dialect. Then Patamon talks in Chikuho dialect a little more. TK says he’s jealous that they can speak in the different dialects. Patamon says that his grandmother lives in Shimane so he should be able to speak Shimane dialect. TK says he can’t. Armadiomon says that since his grandfather is from France, he should be able to speak with French dialect. TK is like, what’s French dialect. Then he gets mad and starts yelling and Tentomon tells him to calm down, and wonders why he was yelling in Hiroshima dialect. (This part is really funny if you can understand Japanese at least well enough that you can tell they are talking in a different accent.) Switch to Davis, Ken and Joe who are searching in Roppongi. Ken’s getting mobbed by fangirls. Davis comments that Ken’s popularity is amazing. Wormmon is on megaphone telling the girls to be organized. Ken’s saying “And always thank you. I look forward to your support in the future.” Veemon comments that it’s turned into an autograph party. Davis like “Why? Why is he more popular than me?” Gomamon goes on about how Ken has a little bit of darkness left in him and how he still has the coolness left over from when he was the Kaiser. Davis wonders if he has to do that to be cool. Ken comes back and says, “Let’s go.” Joe wonders where the spiky- hared guy would be. Now to Yolei who will be trying to get into the department store as a ramen delivery person. Hawkmon comment that the darkness there has the same feeling as going through a digital gate. Yolei is like, “That doesn’t matter. We have to do something. We have to save the others.” So they go in. Lots of weird sound effects. Hawkmon comments on Yolei’s changed clothing. She says it changed into a battle suit... it looks weird and they wonder what to do. Yolei says they are up against a digimon so the digimon won’t know what’s normal. Yolei goes up to Boltmon and asks if he wants some ramen. She says she brought Soy Ramen. He says that he’s always wanted to try real ramen. Yolei gives it to him then she and Hawkmon try to sneak to the other girls. Boltmon says the ramen is bad and turns back to Yolei, catching her trying to help the other girls. Yolei tries attacking him. She gets caught too and Hawkmon asks her to stop getting in trouble. She apologizes.
Davis, Dark Digivalution!
Summarized June 12, 2002
<Sounds of emergency vehicles and some guy saying that the people had been trapped for three hours.>
Sora, Mimi and Kari’s mothers are outside the department store. The see Tai and call him over. Yagami-san asks Tai is Kari’s okay and says she’s been really worried. Agumon tells her not to worry, they’ll get them out. She says not to do like they did before. Tai and Agumon are confused. She says they fought around too much and Odaiba became ruins... the gas, water and electricity all stopped working and it was rough. Sora’s mother agrees and says that not having the gas and water wasn’t bad but being without electricity was bad. Mimi’s mother said people had to live without air-conditioning. (Note- Japanese summers are humid and HOT! Especially in August...) Sora’s mother agreed. Then she asks Yagami-san what they did for baths She says it’s embarrassing but they took them together. Mimi’s mother says they did too. Agumon says the mothers have started gossiping. Tai replies that it’s not the time for that. Then Matt comes up saying everyone had come back. Tai asks if they found the spiky hair guy. Davis says they didn’t. Izzy asks where Yolei is and Matt says that she tried to get in and got caught. Tai says that they tried to go and help her but because of a weird field, normal evolution wouldn’t work so they were waiting for Davis and the other who could Armor Digivolve. Matt says that their plan is... everyone will tap dance! and get Boltmon attention. Cody asks why tap-dance. Tai asks if he has a complaint about their plan. Cody says no but tap-dancing is just to sudden. Then, Matt says that Davis will go inside and try to help the hostages. Ken says if Davis goes he should go too. TK’s like, “That would be pointless, you can’t armor digivolve.” Ken sounds nervous and Cody says his real reason is he doesn’t want to tap-dance. Agumon says there is a reason they chose Davis. Gabumon continues saying that when they heard Davis sing, they could very much tell that he had no rhythm Tai says that if they don’t have rhythm, the plan won’t work. So Davis goes into the dark field. The narrator comments that the field is like the Digital World and changes a person’s clothes to reflect what they desire, like Yolei’s battle suit. At this time it reflected Davis is whirling desires. Davis is like, “I want it. I want it.” “A person with some darkness. A person with some darkness. A person with some darkness. Then the narrator says, “For example...” And Davis says, “Digimon Kaiser. Digimon Kaiser! Digimon Kaiser!” So, Davis dark Digivolve to… Daisuke Kaiser.”
Now to the girls... Mimi’s offering Boltmon chocolate to let them go. He says he doesn’t want. Sora asks that if they give him homemade chocolate, he’ll do it. Biyomon yells that that was what she was going to give to Matt. Sora says that it’s okay, everyone’s life is depending on it and Matt will understand. Then they hear tap-dancing... everyone’s like “What?” Then Kari says, “It’s my brother and the others... tap-dancing!” Taichi yells to Kari asking if she’s okay. Matt yells to Sora that he loves her. Sora gets teary and is confused wondering why Matt and the others are tap-dancing when she and the
other girls are in danger. Biyomon says there has to be a deeper meaning to it. Sora’s like, “There’s no way! Tap-dancing!?!”
Then we hear an ‘evil’ laugh and Yolei’s like “Who’s there?! Ahhh! Digimon Emperor.” Boltmon asks if this is the rumored Digimon Emperor. It’s Davis (with ‘Goggle Boy’ playing in the background) He says, “Everyone bow to me... to the Dark powered Daisuke Kaiser.” Mimi’s like “That’s Davis?” Davis continues, “I’ve been reborn. Now I plan to live an evil life. Do you understand, you insects?” (It’s the same term Ken used to use when he was evil.) The girls digimon comment that he’s all talk and not really evil and they all agree and say Ken was cooler. Davis is like “Why?” Veemon tells Davis to hit him because it seems Ken used to hit Wormmon when he was evil. Davis asks if it’s okay then hits him. Then he’s like, “Are you all right? I tried to hold back... it didn’t hurt did it?” Then the girls boo him. And Boltmon boo’s him too. Then Veemon says “Oh no! Even Boltmon ‘boo’ed’ you. You have to become really evil!” Davis is worried about Veemon (he doesn’t want to hurt him.) Ken comes running up. He says Davis can’t really be evil. Davis says Ken can’t decide that and he’s going to be evil because he’s dissatisfied with his part (where girls don’t like him because he’s doesn’t have a dark side). Ken laughs and starts sounding like the Kaiser. He says that Davis doesn’t understand the word and that he means he’s dissatisfied with his power. The girls are all like “Ken’s so cool!” And Mimi is like, “That’s just like Ken. When he wants to look down on someone, he’s just like the old him.” Then Wormmon’s says that Ken didn’t do it alone and Palmon agrees saying that they can’t forget Wormmon’s part in it. Veemon makes and annoyed noise and Davis says he’s going to hit him for real, is it okay? Veemon says, “Hit me, Davis I don’t care what happens to me!” Wormmon says they have to stop this and Ken says he doesn’t know how because they can’t digivolve... they have the Crest of Kindness but it’s not a Digiegg. The girls say that if he believes, he can change the Crest of Kindness into a Digiegg (with the armor evolution music playing in the background.) Ken does this from the gut yell and “a miracle happens!” The Crest of Kindness turns into the Digiegg of Kindness! So... “DigiArmor Energize!” “Wormmon armor Digivolve! The midsummer’s night of Kindness, Puchimon!” The narrator describes Puchimon and all the girls squeal that he’s cute. Puchimon does his attack (that soothes your heart) ‘Heart na beam.’ Davis is like, “I feel calm... huh! What was I doing!?!” Ken’s like, “Did you snap out of it, Motomiya?” Davis replies, “Thank you Ken. Thank you Puchimon. I guess the regular me was best after all.. You do you think everyone?” Everyone applauds. Then we hear a voice saying that this is boring. Veemon asks who’s there. Then someone (I’m not sure who) yells “It’s the spiky-hair guy!” To which he replies “No! Call me Fukumon-.” He says he an Ultimate level and stronger than all of them. Boltmon asks him about what he said before and Fukumon says it was all a lie... it was his goal to get all of them together like this. The digimon can’t digivolve because of his portable dark tower. The 02 kids are all getting ready to armor digivolve and Tai yells that they’re coming to give support. Joe yells something... right before he runs into the 02 kids and knocks all of their D-Terminals out of their hands. Cody yells that they can’t tell whose is whose. Joe yells/whines “It’s my fault!” Then Fukumon grabs Joe and Joe calls for help.
Angry Waves of Armor Evolution
Summarized June 17, 2002
Yolei says that Joe- is in trouble and grabs a D-Terminals at random... it’s Daisuke's and she activates the Digiegg of Friendship. So, “Hawkmon, Armor digivolve to… Linkmon - the jet stream of friendship.” He flies in really fast and gets Joe. Next is TK. He grabs Kari’s D-Terminal and “Patamon, Armor digivolve to… Manbomon - the presentiment of light!” Fukumon hits him several times and the punches bounce off... then Mambamon goes to sleep. Armadiomon wants to try but Cody is afraid that they’ll get a weird digivolve... but they try anyway. He gets Yolei’s D-Terminal, activates the Digiegg of Love and “Armadiomon, Armor digivolve to… Pteranomon - the calling storm of love!” Cody is really happy that they got a non-weird Digimon. Pteranomon’s voice sounds like he’s a pilot talking through a radio but he still adds “da gya” at the end of everything. Kari goes next and gets Cody’s D-Terminal, activating the Digiegg of Knowledge resulting in “Gatomon, Armor digivolve to… Butterflymon - the fascination of knowledge.” She attacks with Sweet pheromone Finally Davis uses TK’s D-Terminal and “V-mon, Armor digivolve to… Sagittarimon - the greatest hope on the earth.” Sagittarimon attacks with some arrows and Kari comments that he’s cool because he hit all of his targets while running. He continues to attack Fukumon and Fukumon attacks him back. Butterflymon says that he’s in danger so the other Armor digimon go to help. They all attack then Sagittarimon uses his Judgement Arrow again. Fukumon starts crying and apologizing. They get ready to attack Boltmon but he doesn’t want to fight... he’s learned that a heart isn’t something you can get, it’s something you have to give to yourself. He leaves saying that he’s going back to the Digital World to start over. Davis repeats that a heart isn’t something you can get, it’s something you have to give to yourself. Ken says that those are good words but he has one thing he’s wondering... what part of the fight did Boltmon learn that from? Sora says he learned it from her and Biyomon agrees. Mimi disagrees. Then all of the girls thank Davis... only to go all fan-girly on Ken. Davis says that being like Ken is better. V-mon says that a good girl will surely appear for Davis... maybe... if he’s lucky. Then the older kids’ Digimon want to try to Armor Digivolve....
Agumon: Let’s try to Armor Digivolve to~o!
Gomamon: We can’t really but, at this type of time, we might unexpectedly be able to do it.
Izzy: Really. Let’s try it. DigiArmor Energize!
Tentomon: Tentomon Armor Digivolve! Boasting of Knowledge, Jikochuumon. (Jikochuu means self-centered)
<Car horns>
Jukochuumon: Pardon me. Everyone’s doing it.. That’s weird don’t you think. How’d that happen? Really.
Izzy: Really self-centered, huh.
Mimi: (really genki) Me too! DigiArmor Energize!
Palmon: Palmon Armor Digivolve! Sun possessing Sincerity, CheerGalmon! Yay! L-O-V-E! Lovely, lovely Mimi! L-O-V-E! Lovely, lovely Mimi! Woo!
Joe: Doing that... seems like flashy entertainment...
Gomamon: Come on, let’s do it too!
Joe: OK! DigiArmor Energize!
Gomamon: Gomamon, Armor digivolve! Comfort of Reliability, Urashimamon. Yolei, Hawkmon, you helped Joe, accompany me in friendship.
Sora: Let’s go too! DigiArmor Energize!
Biyomon: Biyomon, Armor Digivolve! Repeating Love, Kyuukanmon. <sounds like a parrot> Hey, Biyomon, don’t you think Yamato’s been cold lately? Hey, Biyomon, don’t you think Yamato’s been cold lately? Hey, Biyomon...
Sora: Ah! Hey! Stop! Please! I said ‘Stop!
Yamato: You’re mistaken Sora! OK, I’ll show you the proof of my love. DigiArmor Energize!
Gabumon: Gabumon, Armor digivolve! A long time ago friendship, KitaKitsunemon. <sounds like an old man> Well... that was... it’s a story about this time he... wrong... mumblemumblemumble
Yamato: Knock knock. I’ve got a request. Please help me.
KitaKitsunemon: Help? Help you?
Yamato: If you help me, I’ll be very thankful, so please help me. (this is said really politely)
Kari: Where’s the proof of his love?
Yolei: It’s more like “Why don’t we do this together...”
Agumon: Now it’s us!
Tai: Go Agumon! DigiArmor Energize!
Agumon: Agumon, Armor digivolve! <Weird boing-y sound...> My tooth, my tooth...
Tai: What’s going on. You totally messed up the meaning. That’s terrible.
Agumon: But!
Now people just start randomly saying they are mons. Gomamon says that next he’ll be Ishikawa-Gomamon. (Ishikawa is a prefecture sort of near Tokyo.) Tentomon says he’s Tentorinmon. Biyomon says she’s Hanzomon and says either “I’m here! I’m here!” or “I’m getting off! I’m getting off!” Palmon says she’s somemon and there are train noises in the background. One of Ishida’s assistants says he is Sakuradamon. Jun comes up and says something about the police... I think she says that she wants to be Detectivemon but says it wrong and gets trapped in something. Next is Mimi’s mother... she says she is Selfishmon. Then is Sora’s mother saying she is Housemon. Then is Yagami-mom.. she says she is NormalHousewifemon. Biyomon (I think) says something about Gabumon’s fur then says that she would be “Loving Gabumon is Toughmon. Someone else says something that I can’t quite hear correctly (they don’t enunciate well...) Davis says something in a ‘why me’ voice. Matt asks his dad to do it too. Ishida- thinks and says he is Difficult-Questionmon TK say that’s boring. Taichi says to Agumon that even people who aren’t Digimon are digivolving. Agumon’s like, “But, but, my tooth...”
Fade to “Itsumo, Itsudemo” TV size. re
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