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PhantomRangerX19 December 28th, 2011 09:20 PM

Power Rangers Zordon Era Rewrite
Here is a project I have been thinking about for the past couple months.
Basically I am rewriting the entire Zordon era of Power Rangers, changing around some events, characters, and removing and switching out a season to create a tighter and more singular (and occasionally just different) narrative. It will also be a bit more mature than the original series, with deeper characters and darker events.

The basic layout will go as follows:
Season 1: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Season 2: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Season 3: Power Rangers Zeo
Season 4: Power Rangers Time Force
Season 5: Power Rangers in Space/Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (combining the two will make sense when you get to it)

Im going to make an attempt to post an outline for each season every night starting tommorow, but for tonight as an intro I am going to post the outlines I have written for each character. While these will not be the only characters in the whole show, they are the major players for the first 3 seasons or so.

[B][U]Jason Lee[/U][/B]: A lifelong student of karate, Jason began teaching classes at the local gym as a way of getting closer to his crush Kimberly, who also uses the gym to practice gymnastics. Overall a decent guy and good leader, but suffers from being a bit introverted. But despite his stoic nature the rest of the team gladly follows his orders because they trust him and his track record of being right. However this lack of outgoing leadership skills causes problems when another person with these qualities joins the team.

[B][U]Zach Taylor[/U][/B]: Jasonís long time best friend. Even though he is not a big fan of martial arts he has been studying it for the past two years just as a way of hanging out with his best friend. He is fiercely loyal to his friends to a fault. While he is very open and caring towards those he considers his friends, he is also very protective of his group, and therefore reluctant to let new people in. For this reason warming up to Billy has been a slow progress. Not that Zach does not like him. He just is just isnít quite ready to accept him as a close friend the way that Jason and Trini have. For similar reasons he is also reluctant to accept Zordonís proposal to become a ranger. But like everything else in his life, once he embraces it he starts to love every second, becoming the heart of the gang.

[B][U]Billy Cranston[/U][/B]: After his parents were killed in a car crash when he was a small child, Billy spent his childhood being raised by his Grandmother. While she did love him and cared for him the best she could, she unfortunately was a bit too old to keep up with the energy of a child; and because of this Billy was left on his own for much of his life. To keep himself busy, he threw himself into books for fun and put much effort into his schoolwork. While his life of study has made him very intelligent (specifically in science and engineering), he has also become withdrawn and alone. Recently Trini has made an effort to integrate him into her group of friends; and while he is excited to finally have some people to spend time with, he has found that after spending almost his whole life by himself he isnít quite comfortable with people. Regardless, he is very excited at the prospect of becoming a ranger and once he summons up the initial courage to commit to it he adapts to the situation quicker than any other members of the team.

[B][U]Trini Kwan[/U][/B]: Ever since she was little, Trini has been pushed to being perfect. Her parents set very high standards for her in every aspect of her life; forced to excel in academics, sports, and afterschool activities. However despite the enormous pressure put on her, she does not rebel or have any kind of overbearing stress about her situation. After living her whole life this way it is simply second nature. She has practiced martial arts with lifelong friend Jason since they were little kids, as she finds it very soothing and a great way to relax from the pressures of daily life. After becoming a tutor at her high school, she befriended another tutor Billy. She genuinely likes him and is trying to encourage him to get out of his shell by spending a lot of time with him and making an effort to integrate him into her group of friends. Once they become rangers she sees is as a great opportunity for all of them to become better people, and continues to push all of them (especially Billy) into being the heroes she knows they can become.

[B][U]Kimberly Hart[/U][/B]: When Kimberlyís parents divorced when she was little, she threw herself into her hobby of gymnastics as a means of escape. Ever since then it has been her passion. There is almost nothing else for her in her life, and she constantly puts pressure on herself to be the best. Unlike Trini, she has not handled this pressure well. While her obsessive studiousness has led to her winning several local and state competitions, it has also kept her isolated from her peers. While she is quite popular and has many friends, few of them are close. Itís not that she thinks she is better than everyone, it is just that for her there is no time for anything (or anyone) else if she wants to be the best. While being slow to warm up to the idea of being a ranger (she thinks that the whole situation is insane) once she embraces it she is quick to put gymnastics on the backburner and ironically get more of a chance to be a normal teen than she had before. However she brings that same ďbe the bestĒ attitude to her ranger duties.

[B][U]Tommy Oliver[/U][/B]: On the surface Tommy Oliver did not have much going for him in life. He spent his early years in an orphanage and spent most of his childhood being bounced around from foster home to foster home until he was finally adopted by a kind family when he was 12. For most kids, this would have been a recipe for delinquency, however surprisingly he was able to make good come of a horrible situation. Due to his almost undefeatable optimism, he reasoned at a young age that even though he did not have a family, it did not mean he had to be alone. Instead he decided to make family out of any friends he made, and combined with a charming personality quickly made several close friends. He genuinely likes most people and is quick to forgive others for their faults, but sometimes this comes at the price of stopping others from receiving legitimate criticism or helpful advice. With his charisma and intelligence he is a natural leader. Kimberly especially takes a liking to him right away, as he is the only person that she knows that does not push her to be something more, but genuinely makes her feel that she is good enough as she is.

[B][U]Rocky De Santos[/U][/B]: Rocky is the kind of person that never had to want for anything in his life. He grew up into a privileged family headed by his father; CEO of De Santos Engineering and the wealthiest businessman in Angel Grove. For most of his life he cruised along enjoying the benefits of wealth and never thinking much about aspiring to something more rewarding. But after the local private school is destroyed by a monster and he is transferred to Angel Grove High he starts rethinking things. He is immediately attracted to the more down to earth attitude of his middle class peers and the personal satisfaction that comes from hard work and participating in local charities. But his real turning point comes when he is rescued by a Power Ranger. From that moment on, he is sure what he wants to be.

[B][U]Adam Park[/U][/B]: A new kid that has recently moved to Angel Grove. A bit quiet and introverted, no one thinks much of him as he has a habit of blending in with a crowd. However what set him apart is that, he is very keen to the world around him, being incredibly observant. When the gang reaches out to him to try and get him settled in the high school, he quickly puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that this group is the Power Rangers.

[B][U]Kat Hillard[/U][/B]: A foreign exchange student from Australia who like Rocky is forced to transfer to Angel Grove High after the private high school she is attending is destroyed by a monster. While she is a very kind person, due to her charm and beauty she is used to people doing things for her and getting her way. Unknown to everyone (even herself) she is a sleeper agent that Rita has secretly put under a spell to perform her bidding when needed.

[B][U]Bulk and Skull[/U][/B]: The high schoolís bullies. When they were little they were picked on by all the other students both for being weird, coming from poor families, and for not being as smart as everyone else. For this reason they chose befriend each other and have been almost inseparable ever since. However as they grew up and the other kids matured and stopped picking on them, they were left with a huge grudge and victim mindset that made them think they could (and should) get away with whatever they wanted as payback for the other students being mean to them while they were young. Ironically this has left them being the bullies.

[B][U]Carter Grayson[/U][/B]: Years ago he was Jason's Karate teacher. Now he is a recent graduate of the local branch of USC who has just gotten a job at the CIA. After almost being killed by a monster and rescued by a ranger, he believes that the ranger powers can be put to much better use in the hands of the government and has come to Angel Grove on his own request (even though many of his collegues believe his project to be a snipe hunt) to investigate the strange happenings in the town and hopefully discover the source of the rangerís powers.

[B][U]Ashley Hammond[/U][/B]: The only close friend of the gang who is not a ranger herself. The best way to describe Ashley would have to be ďcheerleaderĒ. However this in no way means she is ditzy or any other of the negative connotations that go with the word. Ashley is usually the strongest supporter of any of the gangís personal activities and always helps out wherever she can. She loves participating in extra-curricular activities and is often the one who plans the many public-works projects Angel Grove sponsors. She sees the Rangers as a beacon of hope in an otherwise horrible city and often romanticizes what she imagines it is like to be a superhero.

[B][U]Zordon[/U][/B]: A wise old wizard that comes from a planet of magic users called Eltar. Once a promising apprentice to a sorcerer on his home world, he alienated himself from his peers when he put forth the proposal that ranger powers should be given to the distant planet of Earth, a primitive culture that was of no intergalactic importance after he learned that the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa intended to conquer it. When he arrived 1000 years ago he found Rita already there and in trying to stop her, she used her magic to banish him to a time warp dimension. Luckily his loyal Robot servant was able to contact him and set up a means of communication through a holographic projection device. Together they managed to trap Rita in a small space capsule and send her off into the cosmos. They feared however that she would one day find her way back to earth, and put themselves into hibernation to wait until that day came.

[B][U]Lord Zedd[/U][/B]: Ritaís superior and lord of evil of that section of the universe. Becomes annoyed at Rita being unable to conquer even a small and primitive planet like earth and eventually takes over her duties. Supremely dedicated to ruling the universe at all costs, even if in doing so he only earns a pyrrhic victory. Hiding a dark secret.

[B][U]Rita[/U][/B]: Powerful Sorceress from a distant planet. From Eltar's perspective she is considered a minor terrorist and not worthy of their time, easily defeated if they had put effort into stopping her. For this reason she chooses not to try and conquer one of the bigger planets but sets her sights on an out of the way and defenseless location like Earth where she thinks it will be easy. While she is limited by her lack of imagination and rigid thinking, she does have a few good ideas up her sleeve that prove to be quite the challenge for the Rangers.

[B][U]Goldar[/U][/B]: One of the strongest evil warriors in the galaxy, he is appointed to serve Rita as her general in charge of planning earthís invasion. She thinks he is completely loyal to her, but in fact his true master is Lord Zedd who he reports to about Ritaís lack of progress in being able to conquer Earth.

[B][U]Astronema[/U][/B]: Raised by the forces of evil to be the perfect warrior. So far she has succeeded, being strong, intelligent, and totally committed to her assignment without question. Recently she has been assigned to study under Rita as her apprentice in the ways of dark magic. Due to her being an alien species that looks human, Rita uses her to go down to earth and blend in with humans for intelligence work. Because of her good performance on every assignment she has been given, Rita thinks she is ready for the most important mission she will ever be assigned.

[B][U]Dark Spectre[/U][/B]: The leader of the forces of evil trying to take over the universe. Mysterious and seldom seen, he lives on a dark and believed to be uninhabited planet at the far end of the universe is thought by many of the lower level monsters to be a myth. It is only the high level generals like Lord Zedd who have the privilege of talking to him. While he is totally committed to evil, he is also extremely intelligent and would rather win the smart way than the fast way.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

NewWhiteTiger December 29th, 2011 01:55 AM

I like how this looks so far. I was working on a similar concept (don't worry, it seems an entirely different route) and even though I didn't bring time force or lightspeed down in season order, Carter makes a cameo as a citezen in one of Zedd's first attacks. I also have the time force rangers come in for a two parter, with a young Wes and Eric frequently appearing in Jason and Tommy's karate class constantly talking about the red ranger to the point where Tommy teases Jason the first time he met them. But enough about my work, I look forward to seeing this.

Cyan December 29th, 2011 05:53 AM

Personally, I think you're better off starting self-contained, concentrating on telling the story of the MMPR Rangers, and then if you still feel like more story can be told, move onto Season 2, et cetera.

Putting too many references to future events, and stuffing in too many characters (as it currently appears) detracts from the narrative and can lead to a confusing/underdeveloped story.

That said, I look forward to projects like this, mature takes on PR are always fun to read.

PhantomRangerX19 December 29th, 2011 09:14 AM

I know I said that I encourage suggestions (and I still do and appreciate it) I did just want to say that in my defense there are no characters are included for cameos. Even though the whole story is not written down, it is mapped out and every character does have a place in the narrative. Also if it seems like there are too many off the bat, some of these characters don't appear until the 2nd or 3rd season. Anyway the first season outline will be up soon.

Tedivanx December 29th, 2011 12:38 PM

You have a damn good thing going here, Phantom

PhantomRangerX19 December 31st, 2011 10:23 PM

Part one of Season 1 is finished. I wanted to have alot more done by now, but got hung up with a few story aspects I wasn't quite sure how to resolve until now.
These were meant to be only brief season outlines (keep in mind that intended style of brief summary when you read and the story is rushed) but the outline for the first episode ended up being so long I thought I would just post that by itself so atleast I have something up. Hopefully the rest of season 1 outline should be posted by the end of the night. If not, definatly tommorow.

Not really that much different in the first episode (or season really except for one pretty signifigant change). Mostly just a retelling of the first episode where I expanded on the backstory a bit. But its a nice way to set up the characters for the future where huge changes come into play.

Season 1:
We start off on the moon. As we pan around, we see that we are at one of the Apollo landing sites. Suddenly the ground starts shaking and the footprints dissolve away. Old equipment falls to the ground as the shaking gets more violent. We pan up to see a large meteor cruise across the sky.
We see the meteor crash down into a crater farther away. As we get closer we see that it is not a meteor at all, but rather something man made. This is a space capsule made to hold the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa. She emerges from the capsule and starts walking towards a hill. We pan over the hill to see on the other side is a giant castle set among the lunar landscape.

We cut to the local rec center, where Zach and Trini are wrapping up a karate class. Jason is over in the corner trying to teach Billy a simple move which he rolls under an opponentís punch and then sweeps his leg from behind. Billy canít seem to get it, but Jason tells him to keep at it, and that 90% of getting good at martial arts is repetition to build muscle memory. As they walk toward the locker rooms, Trini asks the two if they want to grab a coffee after they change. Zach agrees, but is slightly put off when she says that she already invited Billy.

Jason says he will catch up with them later. He walks down the hall to a gymnastics studio to see Kimberly practicing by herself on a balance beam. He leans up against the wall and looks at her for a second before Zach comes up behind him and laughs, asking if he is still summoning up the courage to ask her out. Jason tells him that today is the day, and says he will see him in a bit. After Zach walks away and Kimberly is getting ready to leave, Jason walks in and introduces himself, but Kimberly says that she has seen him around. He tells her a bunch of them were going to go grab a drink and asks if she would like to attend. She smiles and agrees.

Later on they are all at the coffee bar near the entrance of the gym.
Kimberly introduces herself to the rest of them and they all talk for a bit. The talk turns to school and Billy starts talking about science to Triniís interest and Zachís bemusement. Jason and Kim go over to the bar to get a coffee together and stop on the way back at a smaller table. Jason is starting to steer the conversation towards asking her out when Kimberly gets distracted by something behind him and walks away.

Jason looks back and sees that everyone in the bar is crowded around the tv. It is a breaking news story talking about a meteor that crashed into the moon earlier that day. An astronomy professor in Japan got footage of it crashing and the footage strangely shows it changing its trajectory twice and slowing down before the crash. Some scientists are estimating that this might be a craft that landed.

Back on the moon, Rita Repulsa has entered the castle and has gone up to her observation deck, where she finds her loyal servants Finster and Goldar frozen in stone. She finds her magic staff and uses it to unfreeze them. She tells them that after the setback they experienced, they are getting back to their original mission, conquering Earth. She orders Finster to get to work on creating monsters. Finster creates his first monster and sends it down to Angel Grove where it immediately starts wreacking havoc.

Back in Angel Grove, the monster is going to work tearing apart a section of the city near the rec center. The rec center is shaking like there is an earthquake outside. Jason says that he needs to get back to his home to make sure his parents are safe. Zach says he will not let him walk home in whatever is happening outside alone, so he will give him a ride home. Jason insists that they give Trini, Billy, and Kim a ride home as well. They hop in the car and drive off, but unfortunately get to the street that the monster is on. Zach initially starts to back up the car until Jason sees the monster walking towards a family curled up by the side of the road, obviously intending to attack. With no logical choice besides turning around and speeding away, Jason instead tells Zach to charge to and try and run him over. Zach reluctantly agrees and they drive at full speed towards the monster. The monster is distracted by the incoming car as the family runs away. But before the teens can hit it, the car starts becoming covered in electricity from nowhere. The electricity completely envelops the car, making it disappear.

The car suddenly reappears in the middle of the desert. They all get out wonder what has just happened. Trini checks the GPS on her cellphone and it puts their position in the middle of an off limits wildlife reserve 20 miles outside of Angel Grove. As they begin to question and hypothesize about their situation Zach points to the distance and they all turn to look. Standing there on the top of the mountain between two cliffs is a giant building. It is a large round shape with a long thick tube running down the center and two pointed arches that wrap around the building like wings. This is the command center.

The teens walk up to the building. It is made of some weird ceramic material and is covered in bizarre symbols. There is no visible entrance. Suddenly a doorway opens up from a previously seamless wall under one of the archways revealing a dark tunnel with a strange blue light at the end. Trini and Zach say that going in is a bad idea, but Jason ignores them as if he doesnít even hear anything and goes inside. Billy walks in close behind and the rest reluctantly follow. They get to the end of the hall and enter a room. It is a large room lit from the middle. The size and shape of the room are hard to determine as the walls are black, but you get a sense that the room is dome shaped. Colored swirls that change shape and blend into one another are projected against the walls in an almost hypnotic pattern. In the center of the room is a large circular control panel with touchscreen displays that are displaying a strange alien text. A large blue tube about 12 feet high and 4 feet across is at the foot of the room, and naturally draws the eye. As the teens are standing in the room wondering what to make of this place, a small robot about 4í6Ē walks in.

Billy walks up to it and seems fascinated, but the rest of the teens recoil in fear. The robot introduces himself as ďAlphaĒ and tells them to not be afraid. He has a friendly manner about him which somehow puts the frightened teens at ease. He tells them that all of their questions will be answered in time, but firs there is someone that wants to talk to them. The robot walks up to one of the control panels and pushes buttons, and suddenly the blue tube comes alive as the image of a man is projected inside of it.

The man is elderly, appearing to be in his early 70s. He has a narrow face with thin features, and a warm expression offset by deep set serious eyes; like a kindly yet stern grandfather.

The man tells them that they are currently standing in a giant spaceship and introduces himself as Zordon, a wizard from a planet of magic users called Eltar. Since the beginning of time Eltar has lived in harmony and peace and has been the center of all universal government and science. Many years ago scientists on his planet discovered a dimension of almost limitless energy. Eventually they found a way to use magical coins to draw energy from that dimension, and whoever held those coins would be made into a superhuman warrior. When the evil Dark Spectre began an intergalactic war to conquer the universe, a tough decision was made. Eltar was sure that it could easily defend itself, but they knew other planets did not have as much of a chance.

It was decided that Eltar would give each planet a collection of these magical coins, and that those chosen to use those powers would be their raceís last line of defense against evil. When Zordon discovered that the evil Sorceress Rita Repulsa had her sight set on earth, he felt that Earth should be given this chance too. While Rita was small to Eltar and could quite easily be defeated, she could easily take over a primitive planet like Earth. When Zordon presented his proposal, Eltar refused Zordonís request due to the primitive and unimportant position Earth held. Zordon chose to steal some of the unfinished power coins and the spaceship they are currently standing in and along with his robot servant headed to Earth.

When he arrived, he finished the coins himself and foolishly tried to take on Rita himself. While he did manage to freeze her servants in stone and trap her in a space capsule, she used the last of her magic to banish him forever to a time warp dimension. Luckily his faithful robot was able to get in contact with him and maintain this contact through the holographic projection device originally meant to communicate with Eltar. Ever since then then they along with the command center have been in hibernation waiting for the day when Rita returns.

Each power coin is typically finished by the people of the planet it comes from based on their culture, which determines the nature of how the power manifests itself. When Zordon arrived he was impressed by the fossils of the mighty and powerful dinosaurs, and based their design on them.

A panel in the center of the floor opens and a pedestal is raised to waist height from it. On it are resting the 5 coins set in octagonal electronic devices about the size of a fist. Zordon explains that these he built to harness the power from these coins, and that whoever wields these devices will be transformed into warriors, into Power Rangers. Jason will be the Red Tyranosaurus Ranger, Billy the Blue Trycerotops Ranger, Trini the Yellow Saber Tooth Tiger Ranger, Zach the Black Mastadon Ranger, and Kimberly the Pink Pterodactyl Ranger. Zach proclaims that this is nuts and proceeds to walk out, the others following him with Jason the only one that hesitates. Billy waits behind and Zordon tells him that he can sense that he has been waiting for something like this all his life, and that even if he does not have the courage to do this now he hopes someday he will, and that he can use that to influence those around him. Billy stuffs the morphers into his pockets and walks out.

The teens drive back into town and decide to go hang out at Zachís house to talk about what just happened. As the tv in the room reports about the monster that continues to destroy the city, they argue back and forth about what to do, with Kimberly and Zach thinking the idea is crazy, and Jason saying maybe they should give it a chance. Trini seems to be back and forth, and Billy is clearly on Jasonís side, but too timid to take a stand. Suddenly the tv reports that they have the first confirmed death from the monster attack. Zach recognizes it as one of the teachers from their school. Jason, done with arguing decides declares that he is going to drive back to the command center to get the morpher. Billy says he doesnít have to and hands all of them the morphers from his pockets.

They all go to the center of town where the monster is. Before they can morph the monster announces that he brought backup and The Putties, a group of Ritaís henchman appear. Trini, Zach, and Jason go to work using their Karate skills on them. Kimberly doesnít want to fight, but after being attacked by a few of them is able to use some of her gymnastics skills to defend herself. Billy is mostly just running away, but after getting cornered, manages to nail the karate move that Jason was trying to teach him earlier, taking down a couple putties. When the putties are gone and the monster remains, Jason knows what he must do. He raises his morpher in front of him and calls out the name of his dinosaur. The morpher begins to glow as streaks of red light emerge from the device, completely encasing him in a blinding light. When the light fades Jason is left standing there, transformed into the red ranger. The rest of them follow suit and also morph into rangers.

The teens go to work attacking the monster, but for the first couple minutes seem to be holding back, as if they are all experimenting with their powers. Zach is the first one to learn of the abilities when he misses a punch swung at the monster and hits a brick wall, smashing right through it. Kimberly also learns the benefits when the monster throws a manhole cover at her and it bounces off as if it were a frisby. But it is not an easy transition for all. Billy experiences an awkward moment when he jumps away from a hit and ends up flying 40 feet into the air. Trini also has a hard time getting used to it as she runs towards the monster and every step she takes puts a foot through the sidewalk. Jason uses the concentration he has learned from martial arts to focus his energy, and is the first one to really grasp the use of his power. He yells out for the rest of them to calm their minds and focus on using their strength only when it is at a time they need to. He talks them through the rest of the fight, and they are able to defeat the monster.

A radio built into their helmets sends a message from Zordon, telling them to push a small grey button on the top of their morpher. They push the button, and are all teleported to the command center. The teens tell him that he was right, and they would be honored to accept the position of defending the Earth. Zordon tells them that he is very proud of them, but they will face many challenges in their time as a ranger.

Meanwhile in her castle, Rita Repulsa is angry that her planned conquest of Earth did not happen, and that she has been stopped by Power Rangers, warriors that she picked Earth to deliberately avoid. But she is not too worried, as she has more plans up her sleeve. Meanwhile Goldar goes to a different room in the castle and uses a small holographic projector device to contact his master Lord Zedd to tell him the bad news.

Philip January 1st, 2012 12:57 PM

This might be a stupid question, but are you only going to be posting season outlines, or will there be episodes/chapters?

BrownRangerKev January 1st, 2012 02:02 PM

[QUOTE=Cyan;3949058]Personally, I think you're better off starting self-contained, concentrating on telling the story of the MMPR Rangers, and then if you still feel like more story can be told, move onto Season 2, et cetera.

Putting too many references to future events, and stuffing in too many characters (as it currently appears) detracts from the narrative and can lead to a confusing/underdeveloped story.

That said, I look forward to projects like this, mature takes on PR are always fun to read.[/QUOTE]

I agree 100%. Thinking too far into the future is limiting. Take it from me.

PhantomRangerX19 January 1st, 2012 02:31 PM

[QUOTE=Philip;3950941]This might be a stupid question, but are you only going to be posting season outlines, or will there be episodes/chapters?[/QUOTE]
Season outlines. The only reason I posted episode 1 by itself was just becuase it was longer than I expencted it to be and wanted to have something posted.

PhantomRangerX19 January 5th, 2012 08:10 PM

Sorry for the delay. Work has been killer lately.
I wanted to be done by now and frustrated that im still working on Season 1, have started just kind of rushing to get the outline posted.

[B]Part 2 of 3 for Season 1:[/B]
In the next episode Zordon tells the rangers that to reach the potential of their ability to defend evil they must take control their Zords, giant robots that Zordon hid on Earth. They are hidden about 10 miles from the command center in a giant warehouse structure that was the second part of the spaceship that Zordon stole from Eltar. It is a somewhat flat, round structure that Rita buried in an earthquake after she trapped Zordon and now appears to be a mountain. Time is critical however, as Zordon has reason to believe that Rita is preparing her next monster.

The teens are teleported to the base of the mountain and Zordon informs them that unfortunately due to the dark energy left from the spell Rita used to bury the warehouse, he is unable to teleport them directly inside and they will have to walk the rest of the way. After hours spent walking to the top they take a break near the summit. Billy leans up on a rock wall and feels something funny about it. He believes it to be hollow. Zach claims he doesnít hear anything but Trini knocks on the wall and agrees something feels weird about it. Billy and Trini morph and use their powers to knock down the wall, exposing a cave. The teens walk into it and follow the passage down about a hundred feet to a dead end. Initially thinking this was a waste of time, Jason points out that there is no way they coincidentally found a hidden cavern.

Billy gets an idea and takes out his blaster and shoots the wall. The rock breaks off revealing metal underneith. The teens realize that they are not in a cave, but rather a metal hallway that has been covered in rock. Trini shoots the ďdead endĒ, blasting away the rock little by little revealing that there is a door behind it with marked with a strange symbol. Around the symbol are five jewels, one blue, one yellow, and three grey. Zach recognizes the symbol as the one on the door of the command center. The door wonít budge when they try to pry it open, nor when the morphed Billy and Trini try use their strength to smash it away. Billy tries to shoot it, but the laser blast only bounces off the door. Jason stares at the only two colored jewels on the door and gets an idea. He orders the rest of them to morph. The other three jewels light up their respective colors and the door lunges open.

The rangers walk into a seemingly empty round room with a pedestal in the center, similar to the ones they retrieved their morphers in, only containing handprints. The rangers all place their hands on the pedestal and the room begins to shake as the ancient machinery comes to life. The panels of the wall open as five chairs roll out on magnetic tracks towards the rangers. They all sit down and are pulled in separate directions back into the wall.

They all then descend vertically down a shaft along rails until they emerge in a giant room. The room a vast circular space the size of multiple aircraft hangers. Parked around the room facing five different directions are five giant robots resembling dinosaurs. The rangers keep descending down the vertical tracks until they go into the robots themselves, arriving in the cockpits.

They find themselves in what looks like fighter jet cockpits with dozens of switches. The zords activate themselves as soon as the rangers are inside; and as if on autopilot start walking, rolling, and flying towards one section of the room. The wall on that section suddenly splits open revealing the outside. Once the zord is outside the autopilot stops and the five teenagers suddenly find themselves having to crudely figure out how to pilot these giant machines. The first few minutes are a disaster as no one has any idea what any of the dozens of switches do, and all the writing on them is in an alien language. Kimberly is especially freaked out as she suddenly finds herself flying a giant airplane and every time she tries to push a button she finds herself alternating between climbing vertically or speeding towards the ground. Trini wonders why the hell Zordon trusted them to pilot these things right off the bat when she didnít even pass her driving test the first time. Billy brings up the command center on the radio for all of them requests direction. Zordon tells them that it unfortunately will have to be a crash course as Rita has sent a giant monster into the city which they will have to use the zords to defeat.

Driving them seperatly is easy enough once Alpha tells them what switches control basic movement, but when it comes time to fight, the monster is able to easily swat them away. Zordon tells them that the best way to defeat the monster will be to combine all of the robots together to form a megazord, which is far more powerful than the individual robots. All they have to do is simultaneously push the giant buttons in the center of their console. Jason orders them all to do it and the robot goes back to autopilot as the separate zords come together.

They are so caught off guard when their cockpit chairs get yanked out of their individual cockpits and move through the zords into the big megazord cockpit, that Zach almost loses a finger by getting it pinched in a bit of the machinery. Alpha and Zordon have to individually talk them through each step to defeat the Monster that Rita has grown. It requires careful coordination by all of them as each controls a piece of the robot. But the process is still awkward, and the megazord moves slow and clumsily, making Jason worried more about accidently causing damage to the city than fighting.

Luckily they are able to lure the monster out to the desert so no one gets hurt, and by carefully but confidently following Alphaís instructions the Rangers prevail and are able to defeat the monster(though the megazord does get more than its fair share of dents and paint scrapes in the process).

Later when they are at the command center Zordon says that luckily the warehouse where the Zords are stored has a power core that is tapped into the morphing grid powering extensive fabrication and repair machinery for the zords, but nonetheless they will have to practice. Billy rigs up a zord simulator in the corner of the command center for them to practice. He also goes to the zord warehouse with a label maker and starts making labels for the many buttons on the zord controls. Meanwhile Jason insists that they all start practicing martial arts together in a private class after hours where they can train hard, especially Billy and Kimberly who are inexperienced.

The rangers settle into a nice routine, being able to defeat monsters easier and easier. After awhile, they are even able to steer the megazord well. Rita is not happy with her lack of progress and neither is Lord Zedd, who unbeknownst to her is being reported to regularly by Goldar. Goldar reports that she repeatedly uses plans that have failed before, and is not even making use of her greatest asset; him. Instead of sending him to take on the rangers directly she instead has recently sent him on a mission to a distant planet to retrieve some cursed sword.

Zedd decides to send his agent Astronema to study under Rita under the guise of being her apprentice, but in reality he is training her to take over Ritaís job. While Astronema is cold and distant and Rita does not seem to care for her, she is the one alien at her disposal that is able to pass for human, so Rita decides she would be an asset for undercover work.

Astronema is disguised as an attractive teenager and sent to Angel Grove. Her first assignment from Rita is to go down to Angel Grove and try to find the best fighter that she can.

Back in Angel Grove, Jason has entered a county-wide karate competition and the rest of the gang has come to support him. He gets all the way to the final round where he almost loses to another martial artist whose speed is able to overcome Jasonís swift strength. Right at the end, Jason is able to win by a lucky shot as the competitor leaves his guard open. Afterwards the other fighter, not wanting to be a sore loser and impressed by Jasonís fighting decides to say hi. He walks up to the gang and introduces himself as Tommy, a new kid that just moved to town. Jason tells him that he was impressed by Tommyís fighting and the two talk for a bit, hitting it off immediately. Before they leave they decide to work out together sometime. The next day when they are practicing karate the rest of the gang shows up and Jason introduces Tommy to everyone. Kimberly seems particularly happy to meet him. From the hallway, Astronema watches Tommy.

Later that week, Astronema approaches Tommy while he is working out. She asks if he is new, and then tells him that she is new too. She introduces herself as Karen, and asks him if he wants to go and grab a coffee at the snack bar. They talk for a while, and afterwards they go for a walk in the park. Eventually the talk turns to the Power Rangers and the other strange happenings in the town, and Tommy opens up about his past. Tommy tells her that he grew up in an orphanage and used karate as a way of staying busy as a kid, but ever since he heard about the Power Rangers he has been inspired to get back into it full time. He is tremendously influenced by the concept of people standing up to fight evil, and the more he practices martial arts the more he feels he has the strength to do so himself. Suddenly a group of putties attack them. Tommy tells Astronema to go and hide. She just stands to the side, mentally taking notes the whole time as he takes them down one by one. He successfully fights them off and she walks him home.

Later she teleports back up to Ritaís castle. She is mad that she is being kept out of the loop on this whole thing, and this plan seems to be a waste of time. While he is a good fighter, he is no match for any of the monsters with magic powers that Rita has at her disposal. And there was plenty of time that Astronema could have kidnapped him but chose not to. Rita tells her that today was just meant for setting up her master plan. When Astronema asks what that plan is, Rita takes out a wooden box from a safe and opens it revealing two diamond shaped morphers.

Rita tells Astronema that back when Zordon first arrived on Earth he did not make 5 Power Coins, he made 7. The Green Dragon power coin and the Purple Griffin power coin were part of the original set and were designed to be the most powerful. Rita was able to briefly capture the power coins during the battle that ended with her being imprisoned in a space capsule, and tricked Zordon into thinking that those two had been destroyed using replicas she switched out for the original. Ever since she has been free, she has had Finster hard at work in his spare time building two morphers so the coins could be put to her use. Unfortunately the power coins are only designed to work with humanoids, and thus hasnít been able to use them. But now that Astronema is here she has someone to use the purple power morpher. And Tommy will use the green one.

Astronema tells her that while it is an intriguing plan, it has a major problem. Tommy is a great fighter and would be a good candidate, but he is also a moral rock and would never agree to serve evil. Rita says she has a way around that. She recently sent Goldar to a distant planet to retrieve a sword that belonged to an evil knight that lived many thousands of years ago. Before the knight was defeated by warriors from Eltar he transferred his spirit into his sword and cursed it so that from then on when anyone wields the sword he would be possessed by his ghost. Over the past few months she has modified the dragon morpher to link the sword to the powers of the coin. All she has to do is get Tommy to morph and he will be possessed. He wonít remember a thing when he is unmorphed, but when he is the green ranger she will have total control over him.

The next day Tommy and Astronema as Karen are walking in the park when another group of putties attack. Tommy tells her to stand back as he takes these guys on again, but this time Astronema displays her martial arts skills and defeats them easier than Tommy did. He is incredibly impressed and asks where those skills were the other day. She tells him that she is one of the Power Rangers and has been spending so much time with him because she is interested in recruiting him to be part of the team. He is shocked and does not believe her until she takes the two morphers out of her backpack. She gives him the morpher and tells him that all he has to do is hold it to the sky and call out the name of his powers and all his dreams will come true. They morph and become the purple and green rangers.

The purple Ranger has a helmet that looks vaguely like the pink rangerís however it instead of the white parts it has raised gold trimming that look like a crown. She also has a golden shield like the green rangerís only instead of one big center diamond it has two half-diamonds on the side that meet in the middle.

As Tommy stands in awe of his new powers, she tells him to call on his sword to complete the transformation. He does, and the second he has it in his hand he becomes completly possessed by the spirit of the evil knight.
The two evil rangers first go to work destroying the command center and cutting off contact with Zordon. They completely smash all the panels and pull wires from Alpha until he is shut down as well.

The Green and Purple rangers lure the real rangers out by wreacking havoc in the city. When the rangers show up the other two easily beat them, throwing them around like rag dolls. The real rangers decide to fall back teleport to the command center to regroup and ask Zordon advice on beating an enemy unlike any they have ever seen before. When they find it destroyed they realize they are all alone on this one and will have to remember everything Zordon taught them.

Jason decides to call on the Megazord and make short work of them, however the other Rangers have access to Zords as well, the Dragon and Griffin Zords, which have been hidden a few miles off the coast under the ocean. They combine as well to form their own Megazord. The two Megazords are about evenly matched, however the Green ranger puts the odds in his favor by teleporting into the cockpit of the rangerís Megazord and using his sword to smash the controls. The rangers are forced to evacuate and can only watch in horror as the two rangers win. At the last second, Jason gets the idea to summon his motorcycle and drive it directly off the top of a building and crashing into their zord. This forces the evil zord to retreat but nonetheless leaves the rangerís shaken and not sure of what to do.

darkvincentes January 20th, 2012 01:11 PM

Someone should redue the zordon era :)

Mozine January 20th, 2012 03:12 PM

Hmm. Sounds really interesting to do the remake of the Zordon era!

PhantomRangerX19 June 30th, 2012 05:18 PM

The conclusion to season 1 is here. I know this is bumping a thread from months ago and im sorry for the ridiculously long delay in getting this done, but it has been a crazy few months. I graduated from school and moved to the other side of the country for a new job, which is one that takes up tons of my time and away from home for days at a time.

I promise that the other seasons will follow (much sooner rather than later). But for now, here is season 1 in its entirety. Also, I went back and edited my previous posts to clean up the story a bit; rewriting some awkwardly worded paragraphs and expanding some concepts that I thought were too glossed over.

Anyways here it is! Please share your thoughts and comments.

[U][B]Season 1 : Part 3 of 3.[/B][/U]

With no options and no ideas on what to do next, Jason makes the decision for all of them to take couple days off to clear their heads and hopefully have a ďeurekaĒ moment. Zach does not like this, and spends his time pacing around his house trying to work off nervous energy. Kimberly joins him, just sitting there drinking a soda and tapping her feet over and over. Billy decides to use this time to take a shot at repairing Alpha, as that is probably the best place to start in figuring out how to repair the rest of the command center. Trini takes her own initiative to show up and help him, but Billy is so focused on his work he barely notices her. Jason tries to ask Kimberly to go to a movie with him to get the events of the previous few days off her mind, but she clearly isnít in the mood so he stops at the last second from doing so. Instead, he falls back to his original love of Karate, regularly practicing with Tommy. Jason is especially impressed with a move of Tommyís involving him doing a spin kick with his right leg and then spinning around and jumping up with a follow up kick with his left.

To Tommy, nothing is wrong. While during his time morphed as the green ranger he spends his time causing destruction to the city and fighting the other rangers, his memories are of fighting monsters. However something does not sit quite right with him that he canít quite put his finger on. He spends tons of time with Karen in school, but the second they have free time she seems almost in a hurry to get him morphed again ďfor practiceĒ. The second they dimorph she always takes off quickly. He feels like he doesnít really have anyone to talk to about all this and the more he practices with Jason he steers conversation towards the rangers, but always stops far short of revealing that he is one. Nontheless Jasonís huge support of the concept of the rangers in their conversations makes Tommy feel proud of what he is doing.

Zach and Kimberly take a walk to burn off some more that energy when they see the green and purple rangers attacking. They decide they have had enough of sitting around so decide to morph and take on the evil rangers.

They try and are able to hold up more of a fight, but not much of one. Zach gets a direct hit to the chest from the green rangerís sword and Kimberly decides it is time to call Jason. Jason immediately morphs and shows up to the scene and starts fighting with the two rangers. Kimberly as Zach are able to hold back the purple ranger while Jason faces off against the green. Jason summons his power sword and is able to put up a fair fight against the green ranger. Jason sees his opening for a killing blow with his sword when the green rangers hits him and then performs a recognizable spin kick distracting Jason and making him hold back. After Kimberly delivers an impressive kick to the purple ranger Zach blasts her with his gun and then spins around and blasts the green ranger as well. Suddenly they get a call on their communicators from Billy, telling them he has Alpha up and running and should all come to the command center when they get a chance. Jason tells them they are on their way. Kimberly and Zach tell Jason that they have a chance to destroy them both, but Jason gives them both a direct order to teleport away immediately.

Back at the command center, Alpha is up and running and him, Billy, and Trini are hard at work on their way to repairing the device which allows them to communicate with Zordon as well. Suddenly Zordon comes back up and the rangers fill him in on what has been happening. Zordon says that part of him always suspected that Rita still had the power coins, but was calmed by the fact that they are only designed to work on humans. Kimberly wonders who would possibly agree to fight for Rita, and Jason cuts in telling him he thinks he knows. Back when he was fighting the green ranger, he got hit with a very specific kind of spin kick that he has only seen done by one other person. The rest of the rangers are surprised by this as Tommy seems like such a nice guy. Zach says he canít picture Tommy being the same guy that almost killed him with a blow from that sword.

The mention of the sword catches Zordonís attention, and he remembers the story from Eltar of the evil knight who trapped his soul in his sword, waiting to be released by the next person to wield it in battle. Zordon suspects that Rita was able to link the power of the sword to the power of the green ranger, so that whenever he is morphed he is being possessed. It is possible that by destroying the sword, Tommy will be free from the spell. Billy asks about the Purple Ranger, and Zordon says that he can sense dark energy in her, so it is very unlikely she is under a spell as well. It is important that she must be destroyed.

The rangers morph and go back to action. They confront the purple and green rangers and start fighting. The plan is for the rangers to separate the purple from the green ranger, and then to hopefully destroy the sword. Jason confronts the green ranger and summons his power sword. The two begin fighting while the other rangers distract the purple ranger. As Jason is fighting with the green ranger and waiting for his moment to destroy the sword, Tommy notices the other rangers are ganging up on the purple ranger, and rushes away to help her. Tommy attacks the other rangers, fighting them off. The last ranger to fall is Kimberly, and as Tommy raises his sword to deliver the final blow, Jason sees his opening and uses his gun to blast the sword; breaking it in two.

The spell is instantly broken as Tommy slowly comes to his senses. Suddenly he realizes he is not fighting a gang of monsters but the rest of the power rangers. Tommy is confused as to what to believe. The rest of the rangers try to tell him what is going on, but he doesnít seem to be listening to anyone; just continuing to stand there trying to make sense of everything. Astronema warns him that it is just the monsters taking a form that confuses him, wanting him to drop his guard. She tells him to use his dagger to destroy the rest of them. He takes it out and turns to Jason, and brings it up ready to strike. Jason instead of fighting back, just stands there hoping that Tommy will make the right choice. Jason then takes off his helmet and reveals his identity to Tommy, and tells him to join them, and finally become a hero. Tommy puts his dagger away realizing that while he does not have a clear idea of what is going on, he can no longer say for sure that these people are his enemies. He tells this to Astronema, who is enraged and attacks Tommy.

Jason puts his helmet back on and goes back to action with the other rangers attacking Astronema. Her focus seems mostly on attacking Tommy who is not fighting her but rather attempting to defend himself. But soon she must focus on the other rangers who are ganging up on her. Her anger fuels her energy in the fight, and she does surprisingly well considering the other rangers seemed to be winning earlier. However her advantage in the fight is brief, as she is unable to focus on 5 opponents at once. As soon as she loses focus Kimberly takes out her gun and blasts her, which gives the other rangers a chance to take out their guns and point them at her. Astronema realizes she will be destroyed, so she puts up her hands and surrenders. As she pleads for her life, no one realizes she is pressing the button on her morpher to summon her zord.

The other rangers realize that the Griffin Zord is about to attack the city, and must leave the purple ranger to call on their zords and fight it. Their zords arrive, and they combine to form the megazord. The Purple Ranger also teleports into her cockpit and begins controlling the zord. However despite the power of the megazord, the Griffinzord even alone is more powerful, and the other rangers are quickly overpowered. The megazord is knocked down and the Griffin Zord prepares for a killstroke, but is suddenly hit from behind by an unknown opponent. It is Tommy in the dragonzord. The megazord gets back up and the two zords together start attacking The Purple Ranger. The Griffin Zord is no chance against the two zords together, and quickly becomes critically damaged.

Meanwhile Rita, Goldar, and Finster are watching from the moon as their plan falls apart. Rita is enraged, and Goldar silently looks at her as he tries to hide his contempt, knowing that Lord Zedd wonít be happy. Finster rushes to Rita though and says he has a solution that can fix things. He built the morphers with a failsafe incase the spell on Tommy should be broken. All he has to do is activate a component in the morpher and instead of harnessing the power of the coin it will drain it and dissipate it into the air. Finster gets his controller for the morpher and activates the switch controlling the component.

Tommy instantly knows something is wrong. All of a sudden it feels like the energy has been drained for him. He is forced to retreat and sends the Dragonzord back to the ocean as he demorphs and watches the battle from below.

Nonetheless the battle is already over. The purple ranger realizes she is beaten and the zord is about to be destroyed, so she hits an emergency eject button. This seperates the part of the Griffin that looks like a bird, and it flys away like a plane, leaving the rest to self destruct. Kimberly knows she is the only one who can handle this, and travels back into her zord and disconnects it from the megazord, flying after the Purple Ranger. The two fly higher and higher, with Kimberly firing lasers from her zord at the escaping ranger. Finally the two have reached the edge of space. The Griffin Zord is failing fast, with sparks flying in the cockpit and power levels quickly diminishing. Astronema (now with her helmet off) realizes she is without a doubt beaten, and declares she has had enough of this whole galaxy and Ritaís attempt to conquer it, and presses the emergency hyperdrive button on the zord, flying away. With no possible way of following her, Kimberly flys back to earth.

Back at the command center, the rangers reveal their identities to Tommy and implore him to join them, saying that with another warrior on their side there is no way that Rita cannot be defeated. Tommy tells the other rangers that he may not be able to, as when he was fighting he felt the energy in his coin start to disappear. Zordon explains that this was all due to a failsafe Rita built in her morpher, and tells Tommy he may have a solution to the problem. Zordon calls to Alpha, who presents Tommy with a new morpher that Zordon and Alpha have spent the last few hours building in preparation for this moment. Tommy agrees to join, and Zordon along with the rest of the rangers welcome him to the team.

Tommy becomes a member of the team, and fits in right away. The rest of the team takes quickly to his friendly and supportive personality. He starts attending Jasonís private karate class along with the rest of the rangers, and within a week Jason makes him a co-instructor. Though Tommy doesnít see why they need to practice as much as they do since they are all fairly good already. And it is true. Jasonís decision to have all the rangers practice for two hours every weekday has paid off for everyone, especially those like Kimberly and Billy who had little experience before they became rangers. Billy has grown into a respectable fighter with new levels of confidence, and Kimberly into a graceful and agile match for any opponent. The more experienced Zach is almost to the point where Jason was last year, although has stepped out of Jasonís shadow as an instructor to develop his own style. And Jason and Trini have become unrivaled masters of the art. Tommy is impressed by how well Jason has trained them, and by how much the others have grown under his teaching. He shares these thoughts with the rest of the group, making them all feel good.

Kimberly is especially taken with Tommyís statement, as for the first time in her life she actually feels proud of her accomplishments. Ever since she was a kid and started getting serious about gymnastics, she always focused on the next step in her training and the next goal in life, rather than just looking around and seeing how far she has come. While she respects Jason as a leader and genuinely likes him, he too is always focused on pushing the rest of them to be greater.

PhantomRangerX19 June 30th, 2012 05:20 PM

[U][B]Season 1: Part 3 of 3 (Continued)[/B][/U]

The team once again settles into a nice routine, beating monsters and growing as a team. All of this is much to the anger of Rita, who is genuinely running out of ideas. Her ace in the hole were the two power coins at her disposal, and without them she doesnít have many options besides sending monster after monster after the team. While some of those plans have been more clever than others, it still is not anything new or groundbreaking. This is especially annoying as she attacked Earth specifically because it should have been easy to conquer, but to her horror the rangers are actually winning.

Goldar begs her to send him after the Rangers. He is by far her strongest warrior, and the most clever as well. Rita tells him that in the past he was too valuable as an advisor to be wasted, but it has come to the point where she admittedly does not have any other ways of raising the stakes, so it may have come to that. She tells him to do as he wishes, but that he better have a good plan as this is the last chance to make an impact. Goldar tells her that he has just the idea in mind.

The rangers square off against Goldar, and they instantly know that he is by far the hardest opponent they have ever faced. He is stronger than all of them and tosses all of them away like ragdolls. Trini gets fed up with this and angrily charges at him, impressively landing a few blows and getting Goldar to drop. However Jason realizes that Goldar is simply trying to get Trini to be overconfident and drop her guard, and rushes in to help her. Unfortunately it is too late, as Trini rushes to land a hit she leaves her guard open and Goldar strikes her with a hard blow, knocking her away and making her lose her focus. Golder strikes again with his sword, this time hitting her morpher and smashing it, causing her to demorph. Goldar goes in again to strike her, but Billy runs in front and takes the full hit of the blow, knocking him down. It is then that Rita uses her magic to make Goldar grow to huge sizes.

The rest of the rangers know they have to get their zords, but first run to Trini and Billyís aid. Billy is injured and weak but still able to carry on. Trini is not so lucky. While her power coin luckily is fine, the morpher is totaled leaving her unable to morph and thus unable to summon her zord. Jason requests that Zordon teleport her to the command center where she can be safe while the rest of the rangers use their zords to fight Goldar. Zordon tells the rest of them that he will have Alpha start work on a new morpher right away, but it will not be ready for atleast a couple hours, so they will have to do the best they can until then.

The battle does not go well. Without Trini, the rest of them cannot form the megazord and are much weaker, even in greater numbers. Goldar is a great warrior, and able to keep track of multiple enemies at once, swatting the smaller zords away like flies while deflecting all blows from Jason and Tommyís zord. After Goldar destroys a tall building in the middle of Angel Grove, Tommy realizes that getting the megazord into the battle is critical, so he makes a decision. He teleports to the command center leaving his zord dormant. He gives Trini his morpher and tells her that it is important she joins the fight immediately. She morphs into the Yellow Ranger and teleports away, leaving Tommy behind to watch the battle with Zordon and Alpha who is busy working away on a new morpher.

Even though the megazord has joined the battle, it still is not going well. The presence of the megazord is able to at least give the rangers a fighting chance in the battle, but not enough of one. Tommy can only watch in horror as Goldar knocks the megazord down and stands over it, swinging away with his sword causing critical damage. Tommy asks Zordon how much longer it will be until the morpher is ready, and he tells him it is still an hour away from being functonal. Tommy realizes that this is way too long and by then the rangers will all be dead. Knowing that he needs to do something, he makes a drastic decision. He asks Zordon about the original morpher that Rita gave him. Zordon warns him that the morpher is set to quickly dissipate the power coinís energy, and that while he can block that capacity temporarily, it would not be for long. Maybe an hour at the absolute most. After the block is gone, the power will be drained within the minute. Tommy knows that this is what he has to do, and choses to use the morpher.

After morphing, he teleports back into his zord and joins the battle, delivering a hit to Goldar and giving the megazord a chance to get back on its feet. The Megazord and Dragonzord togher pose a real threat for Goldar. Tommy warns Jason that he has a limited time to defeat Goldar, so they will have to make this quick. Jason jokes that he can get behind that, and the two zords get to work destroying him. The zords get Goldar out into the open and then both perform their finishing moves together and knock Goldar down, causing him to explode and dissapear in a huge fireball. Billy notes that this is strange, as he has never seen a monster go this violently before.
The rangers send their zords back to their respective places as they get a message from Zordon that the new morpher is ready. Jason says that this is great, and confirms with Tommy, only to look over and see Tommy on the ground with a strange looking electricity buzzing around him.

The other rangers prop him up and get him back on his feet and teleport back to the command center. Zordon warns them that it is too late, and tells them that the power has begun dissipating. All the other rangers can do is stand around Tommy and watch as the energy buzzing around him becomes brighter and brighter before it finally extinguishes, leaving The Green Ranger gone and Tommy there. The morpher and now dead power coin drop to the ground.

The other rangers are horrified knowing that one of them is gone. Tommy is clearly sad but holding himself together, telling them that the choice was hard but he would make it again in a heartbeat. Zordon tells him he was very moved with his sacrifice and is proud to have had Tommy as a warrior on the side of good. Although his powers are gone he is still a great man, and Zordon is honored to have known him.

Zordon says that while the Green Ranger is no more, there is one thing that can be done to give the rest of the rangers an advantage. There is a possibility that there are a few trace amounts of energy left in the coin, and if there are it can be fused with the red power coin. The coin is not a simple battery but rather a conduit of energy from the dimension where the power comes from. By combining the two coins, the red ranger would be able to channel that much more energy, creating a new and more powerful ranger. Jason morphs and Tommy hands him the power coin. Jason takes his coin out and holds the two together back-to-back, fusing them in a blast of energy.

Once Jason puts his coin back in he is transformed in a burst of light. His costume is now a darker shade of red and he is now is wearing the green rangerís shield; and his helmet, while still red is red, has the design of the green rangerís . Jason thanks Tommy for his sacrifice and assures him that he will always be one of them and a good friend.

Later on the rest of the gang are off doing their own thing trying to get their minds off the events of the previous day. Kimberly practices some gymnastics at the rec center while Tommy practices karate in a small room down the hall. When Kimberly finishes and is walking to the door she sees Tommy practicing by himself and walks into the room.

Meanwhile Billy is working on an experiment in his lab when Trini shows up and offers to help him. While they are working Billy asks her to go to a movie with him later, but Trini is distracted by the work and doesnít hear him. When she asks him what he just said, he dissapointedly replies ďnothingĒ and goes back to work.

Jason and Zach are working out at Zachís house. Jason canít concentrate on the workout. He keeps being distracted by thoughts of feeling responsible for Tommy losing his powers. Jason is the leader of the team and should have lead the battle better so the sacrifice didnít need to be made. If Jason had only coordinated the hand to hand combat better so Trini wasnít left on her own with Goldar, if he hadnít gotten the Megazord knocked down, or if the Megazord and Dragonzord had been faster finishing off Goldar, the Tommy would still be a Ranger.

Jason teleports to the command center and talks to Zordon. He begs Zordon that there must be some way to restore Tommyís powers, even in a limited capacity. It is not just about the power itself. All of them contribute signifigantly, and they are stronger as a team, no matter what the circumstances. Zordon tells him that there is one chance, but it is very risky.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Kimberly are talking. Tommy tells her that his parents are going away for the summer, and he thinks he should go with him, giving him a chance to clear his head. Kimberly asks him to stay, telling him that he is part of the team now and it will suffer without him. That the rest of the team has been better since he came along. Tommy replies that all those things they are now they can still be without him, and that he knows that she is a strong and powerful ranger with or without him.

Back at the command center, Alpha hands Jason a small, round device with six indents in it clearly meant to hold the power coins. Zordon tells him that this device is used to recalibrate the coins in the event that they are damaged, but can be reprogrammed to draw power from them in the same way Ritaís morpher. If the other rangers choose, they can siphon off some of their own power and give it to Tommy. But this could be very dangerous, as this would mean splitting the power for five people into six different parts leaving them all weakened. However if Jason truly feels that they are most powerful as a unit, it would be a way to bring Tommy back.

Zordon then tells him that he is leaving the decision to use this coin to Jason. He confesses that Jason was the only one he specifically chose to be a ranger. When the first monster attacked he was the first one to stand up to it. The other rangers were chosen simply because they were Jasonís friends, and Zordon felt that they would function well with Jason as their leader. Now he has to perform the hardest job as a leader, and make a tough choice with no clear decision. Jason thanks Zordon and teleports away with the device .

He knows that Zordon wants him to think it over, but he has really made up his mind by the time he leaves the command center. Tommy is part of the team; a team that works better as a unit than seperately. The battle with the zords today proved that. But that isnít the only thing he is sure about.
When he made the decision to restore Tommyís powers, he realizes it hasnít just been the rest of the rangers that have grown under his leadership. He has too. He has grown into a more confidant person. Last year he would have weighed a decision like that for days, maybe weeks. But with this new confidance he can clearly see the answer to what he should do. And not just about Tommy. He now realizes that if he really cares for Kimberly, he should just tell her. He has nothing to be scared of. For more than a year he has sat back and waited for a perfect moment, but if he really wants her he should stop making ecscuses and just take a chance.

He strolls into the rec center smiling with his new found confidance. He goes to the coffee bar and asks the guy at the counter if Tommy is around. The guy tells him that Tommy is working out down the hall, and Jason thanks him and walks away. As he gets to the door though, the smile instantly fades. As he looks in, he sees Kimberly kissing Tommy.

Tommy sees him and stops kissing Kimberly. They both giggle and smile at eachother as they say ďhiĒ to Jason. Tommy asks him what is up. Jason feighns a smile and says nothing much, and that he just wanted to check and see how Tommy was doing. Tommy then asks him about the device under his arm; Zordonís device. Jason says it is just an experiment of Billyís he accidently left in a locker. Jason then says that it looks like the two of them are busy, and walks away. He walks straight to the door and outside, looking at Zordonís device briefly before tossing it in a trashcan and walking away.

Meanwhile on a spaceship far away, Goldar wakes up on an examination table. He gets up and walks toward a door in a confused state. It opens and Goldar finds himself standing face to face with Lord Zedd. Goldar bows before him and asks what happened. Lord Zedd says that the rangers were about to defeat him, so he teleported him away and caused a huge explosion; tricking the rangers into thinking he was defeated. Goldar warns him that this the latest of many victories for the rangers, and that without him Rita will only continue to get defeated. Lord Zedd tells him that this is no problem, as things are about to change very soon.

PhantomRangerX19 July 10th, 2012 07:31 PM

Season 2 coming tommorow!

Preview: Even though they are now one member short, the rangers are more prepared than ever for the various attacks the evil Rita Repulsa can send at them. But the rangers soon find themselves in over thier heads with the arrival of a new and more ruthless adversary, the brilliant strategist Lord Zedd. However thier greatest worries may not all be extraterrestrial. When an emergency brings an old an old ally back to the team, loyalties are divided and conflict comes to a head; eventually leading to an unthinkable event that will change all of thier lives forever.

I would really like to hear some opinions on how people are liking this so far. Please, feel free to leave a comment.

GreenRangerUltimo July 25th, 2012 12:06 PM

This is awesome, where is season 2?

eishiba July 25th, 2012 02:14 PM

This is pretty cool. I think it would be cooler and more legendary if Jason passed the leadership role to Tommy before he left, rather than Zordon deem Tommy leader. That way it would have made sense when in Zeo when Jason came back and he and Tommy were talking about the leader role and how Jason said he wasn't looking for his spot back.

PhantomRangerX19 August 19th, 2012 03:17 PM

Sorry about the delay, work has been crazy lately. Il try and have something up by tonight or tommorow.


To address your comment Eishiba, one thing that is for sure is that the replacement of Tommy as the leader is not an easy event for Jason. When I watched the original show, I always thought it was wierd how Jason happily resigned command to Tommy with no sign of any negative emotions at all. Think of how you would feel if you were in charge of something (and doing a pretty good job), and suddenly someone new comes along and takes that away just for being argueably more likeable. For that reason, one of the more major themes I wanted to explore in this series was Jason and Tommy's relationship.

Instead of Zordon just up and declaring that Jason is no longer in charge, it will be a much more gradual thing here, with Jason's pragmatism clashing with Tommy's charisma, leading people to slowly start questioning who is a better leader. This will eventually result in an extremly huge event which will bring about Jason's decision to step down as a Power Ranger.

And unfortunatly, Jason will not be appearing in Zeo. Ive got a different story in mind for the Gold Ranger.

FlashmanX August 19th, 2012 09:42 PM

ok i was going to say get a original idea always rewrites of the same season
brown ranger added to the series so it works but my god everyone does this

but I'll give it a pass since its outlines. thread bookmarked on my nook color.

eishiba August 24th, 2012 04:54 PM

[QUOTE=PhantomRangerX19;4142139]Sorry about the delay, work has been crazy lately. Il try and have something up by tonight or tommorow.


To address your comment Eishiba, one thing that is for sure is that the replacement of Tommy as the leader is not an easy event for Jason. When I watched the original show, I always thought it was wierd how Jason happily resigned command to Tommy with no sign of any negative emotions at all. Think of how you would feel if you were in charge of something (and doing a pretty good job), and suddenly someone new comes along and takes that away just for being argueably more likeable. For that reason, one of the more major themes I wanted to explore in this series was Jason and Tommy's relationship.

Instead of Zordon just up and declaring that Jason is no longer in charge, it will be a much more gradual thing here, with Jason's pragmatism clashing with Tommy's charisma, leading people to slowly start questioning who is a better leader. This will eventually result in an extremly huge event which will bring about Jason's decision to step down as a Power Ranger.

And unfortunatly, Jason will not be appearing in Zeo. Ive got a different story in mind for the Gold Ranger.[/QUOTE]

Well it wasn't so much that it was someone new replacing Jason. It was someone they all knew and loved. I think either Jason was so glad to have Tommy back that he didn't care if Tommy was deemed leader or Jason knew he was leaving anyways cause clearly being a Power Ranger doesn't pay well. Jason was always better than Tommy in my opinion as leader. He had to make harder choices and his passion for his friends was brought out several times.

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