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RangerBoard Warnings, Infractions, & Rules
Warning & Infraction System

The Warning & Infraction System is an automated Warning System. "Warnings" are 0 points that are intended to only mark & log the mistake that the user made and send an automated Private Message. It does not add to the point system since it's 0 points, so it will not cause any suspension or banning. These warnings are meant for new users, all users that may have forgotten some of the rules or are unaware of some changes.

Infractions are 1 point or more, and are given out to users that either should know better, or was outright disruptive. Generally a first infraction will not cause a ban or any limited access to the board. It's only if you're constantly causing problems or violating rules/policies and building them up.

Infractions are silent. When issued, only the user receiving the infraciton is notified along with an Administrator or Moderator message of why they received it, and is logged into their profile that only Administrators & Moderators can see. If a post is missing a report button, it means it has already been reported to staff, and we will or have dealt with them. We generally deal with reported posts within a couple of hours.

Infractions can be given at any time without verbal warning, staff are not obligated to verbally warn you first.

Point System:

  • Bumping - 0 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Didn't use the Search Function - 0 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Posting in wrong forum - 0 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Didn't read the Rules or FAQ - 0 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Mini-Modding - 1 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • False Report - 1 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Posting Personal Tragedy - 1 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Political or Religious Content - 1 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Homework Help - 1 Point, Duration: 1 Month.
  • Creating "Official" Thread, 1 Point - Duration: 1 Month.
  • Should know better - 1 Point, Duration: 2 Months.
  • Failing to comply with Merchandise Rules & Policy - 1 Point, Duration: 2 Months.
  • Fundraising without Authorization - 1 Point, Duration: 3 Months.
  • Spamming - 1 Point, Duration: 3 Months.
  • Distasteful/Offensive Post - 2 Points, Duration: 3 Months.
  • Disruptive Behavior - 2 Points, Duration: 3 Months.
  • Duplicate Account - 2 Points, Duration: 6 Months.
  • Final Warning - 5 Points, Duration: Forever, never expires.

Accumulated Points Outcome:

  • 5 Points = Banned for 2 days.
  • 7 Points = Banned for 5 days.
  • 10 Points = Banned for 10 days.
  • 12 Points = Banned for 1 month.

If your infraction has expired, it will not count towards the Accumulated Points Outcome.

Global Board Rules
Violating the rules of the board will result in earning infraction points, which may lead to a temporary ban.
  • No Spoilers aka "Spoiler Tags Rule". This rule primarily goes into effect prior to the release of an entertainment product. Such as (but not limited to); Movies, Television Shows, & Video Games. While it is in effect, users are expected to use spoiler tags for the media content & reviews. The rule can last up to 7 days after the initial release of the entertainment product as not everyone will immediately gain access to it.
  • No Link Re-directions or Shorten Link services such as (but not limited to): goo.gl, bit.ly, tinyURL.com. Link shorteners or redirections are a method of hiding the URL and can be used to allude board filters that disallow certain links or content. As such, the services aren't allowed on RangerBoard.
  • No MMPR Fan Film discussion. Because Dominic Sivilli & Louis Maldarelli who are the Director & Producer of the MMPR Fan Film refuses to listen to the fandom's criticism, continues to insult the people, inflate their enormous ego, & only use RangerBoard for their shameful promo images rather than to address everything accordingly; The MMPR Fan Film is absolutely rejected by RangerBoard, & is not acknowledged to be in existence to any extent. It is against board rules to bring up the subject.
  • No sourcing from RC/PRN. The owner didn't agree to cooperate with RangerBoard, to stop insulting the community & its individual members on his private twitter. Until he decides to work with RangerBoard, we are protesting against them with their information blackout.
  • No adult/nude/lewd/provocative content. RangerBoard isn't a porn site, please don't use it for such content.
  • No disruptive behavior.
  • No distasteful or offensive posts.
  • No spamming. Posts that does not contribute or spark further conversation may be deemed as spam. New users should avoid short responses to drive up their post counts such as: Agreed, I like this, or what do you mean? These posts are okay when properly accompanied by your opinion on the subject.
  • No fundraising. While there may be certain exceptions, fundraising is forbidden here without permission from the Administrators.
  • No thread bumping. This rule's primary objective is to prevent users raising threads back to the first page of the forum to focus attention on one post. Exceptions are open to posts that contribute to the topic & discussion. Creating duplicate threads to circumvent the rules is also not tolerated.
  • No political or religious content. This includes usernames, avatar & profile images, custom user text/information, posts, or anything on your account/profile. Anything that could incite political or religious debate & discussion is forbidden.
  • No personal tragedies. (Family deaths, extreme crisis)
  • No homework support.
  • No signing your posts. We don't use signatures on RangerBoard, as each posts includes the poster's username, account details, and a link to its profile. Signing your posts is redundant and circumvents the board not allowing signatures.
  • No mini-modding. Reporting a post is enough, which keeps you anonymous. You may be doing more harm than good as some members may be offended by being told what to do by a non-staff member. Leave it to the actual staff please.
  • No creating "official" threads. Only staff can declare any threads official, you can always ask staff for permission, but staff approval is required.
  • No multiple/duplicate accounts. Each person can only have 1 active account at any given time. If any more are discovered, the additional accounts will be banned and the original account is subject for permanent removal.
  • No advertising for members that are not VIP-2. VIP-2 Memberships are rewarded to those that donate to the forum, and one of the membership's privileges is the ability to advertise in our Advertisement section. Posting in other sections in attempt to circumvent the rules will not be tolerated. Find out more about VIP Memberships & you can Donate for VIP-2.
  • Sellers must list who they sold the items to & Traders must list who they traded the item to, and what they're receiving back.
  • This is an organized way of tracking transactions. Members can see what's no longer available, and staff can track down any affected users if anyone was scammed. Buyers & the other traders should reply to the thread with information on their deal, while this is not required, it publicly shows this information, and we can crack down on the sellers/initial traders to make that list.
  • All payments must be paid as "Goods", and not "Gift" aka "Money for Friends & Family".
  • Anyone caught requesting as "Gift" or "Money for Friends & Family" will have their sales shut down and infractions may be issued. Uncooperative users may also lose complete access to Marketplace.
Forum Etiquettes

While user etiquettes are not rules, they are conducts that are expected out of users. Repeated offenses are deemed as disruptive behavior, especially after a warning from staff.

  • Don't spoil recent or future content. Please utilize the [HIDE][/HIDE] tags and prevent spoiling recent or future content for users; could be movies, TV shows, Comics/Novels, there's no limit to what it may be & includes potential possibilities whether it may or may not happen. Please use the tags in such cases.
  • Don't double post. Double posting would be creating more than one post in a row without any others in between your own. This habit causes your posts to clutter specific threads.
  • Don't quote images. Quoting images especially large ones, causes a lot of unnecessary used space on the screen. It makes it even more annoying for mobile users.
  • Don't use flashy images. While moving Avatars are fine, some users may be sensitive to fast moving colors. Highly flashy images should not be used.
  • Don't post inappropriate content. While the majority age of the members is around 18, we do have younger members. Anything that's disgusting or inappropriate to children may not be allowed. This can be decided by discretion of any staff member.
  • Don't abuse the Report function. False reports which include reporting on staff for correcting you, or small things that bother you but are not rules may lead you towards a "False Report" infraction.
  • Don't aggressively troll. Trolling is all in good fun, but don't do it in a negative manner. Trolling/instigating anyone into a useless discussion will not be tolerated.
  • Avoid responding with only a list as your answer. Listing your favorite character/actor/show/etc without providing detailed reasoning doesn't inspire conversation and in nearly all cases will cause your post to be ignored, rather than given a response.
  • Avoid trailing thread titles. It's annoying to members to read thread titles that doesn't clarify what the thread is about. It causes further confusion when users are trying to find specific threads based on thread title searches.
Merchandise & Marketplace Rules
  • Youtube Reviews are Advertisements.
    Youtube reviews are advertising the reviewer's channel as the reviews are not actually on RangerBoard. So this privilege is only for active VIP-2 members, and the threads belong in the Advertisement section.
  • Sale threads & posts must be accompanied by photos of the items you're selling.
  • Direct Trading is prohibited. Each trade must be given equal values so each dealer can PayPal each other on the agreement amount as PayPal insurance. Exception is open for both trading users if they're both Veteran Tag users and only trading 1 or 2 items. 3 or more must be dealt as sales.
    This includes possible/interest threads as well. In each photo, you must include a piece of paper with your Alias hand-written on it. Don't have time or don't have a camera? Too bad, in either of those cases, you shouldn't be selling / trading and you won't be. Veteran users may be exempt from this rule.
  • No bumping your sales thread.
    People will see it, people do actually use the search function believe it or not.
  • No asking for FREE Handouts.
    This is not a place for begging. People will not just send you something for free, even if it's your birthday. If you're a minor, please ask your parents for assistance on making a purchase here.
  • No directing to off-board communications.
    Members must use forum communications for transactions on this board. Exceptions are made on specific cases where a user may be escalating into Suspended Service or Scammer status.
  • No pirate copies of official DVDs for sale.
    Source for full information: http://www.rangerboard.com/showthread.php?t=127023
  • Prop Makers must provide photo updates to their clients every week or two on the status of the project work.
    Failing to comply will result in Suspended Service tag, lost of ability to post new threads, and/or Scammer tag.
  • No copying the work of another Prop-Maker in the community whose work was personally crafted/casted by them.
    All prop work should be your own, if even suspected of thievery by our staff, we reserve the right to terminate access to Marketplace.
  • No advanced payments.
    Sellers cannot ask for advanced payments, services/products must be available immediately after payment. This rule may be an exception to those with veteran tags. Please consult with Merchandise Moderators first before making a thread that requires advanced payments.
FanFiction Rules
  • Do not post fanfics containing adult content here. This forum is accessible by users of all ages and fanfics should be suitable for younger readers to view.
  • Do not bump your own threads asking for feedback. Members will provide feedback if they choose to read your story, do not bump.
  • Use the sticky threads provided for posting teasers, promos and character lists/artwork.
  • Promos and information about stories you have not yet posted should go in the promo thread, nowhere else. Do not open your own thread for an advertisement.
  • Do not create new threads for each chapter of a fic. Please do not create a new thread for character/zord/mentor/villain/etc information.
  • Do not use multiple colors in your story/posting. The board has multiple themes, while you may think the different colors helps the readers, consider the fact that the colors may conflict with existing & future themes.
  • You must credit the artwork that you modeled your work after. Failure to comply will result with your images being removed, and possible infraction.
FanFiction Etiquettes
  • Please consider the people reading when posting here. It does not take long to run a spell/grammar check. A lack of punctuation and the use of capital letters in the right places can make a good fic look bad. Check the spelling of character names from the show before posting.
  • If you want to leave feedback for a story you do not like, please be constructive.
  • If you 'borrow' something, example; a character name or description from somebody else, give them credit.
  • Please be realistic. There is nothing worse than somebody starting 6 series, posting a single short chapter for each one and then creating another series. Keep the number of series you have on the go to a reasonable level.
Advertisement Rules
  • Only VIP-2 Members may Advertise. Advertising on RangerBoard is a VIP-2 privilege. Attempts to circumvent this rule by posting in other threads or sections will not be tolerated.
  • No Youtube or any video streaming pages. There's a video streaming thread in the General Discussion section, please use that instead.
  • No posting possible Online Scams claiming to give away free items or cash. Nothing comes free, and we will not allow these type of advertisements to jeopardize our members.
  • No Social Media Pages; MySpace, Facebook, etc. The Advertisement section is to advertise your website or forum. Social Media pages such as Facebook is not your website.
  • One thread per website ad. One is enough, there is no need to make more than that.
  • No useless bumping. If you plan to bump, please post updates of your website & other informative information that is relevant.
  • All forum installs must have customization from the basic install & Allow public viewing of threads/posts. Any forums that doesn't have customization or hides everything will not be allowed.
Additional Notes

Please check the stickies in each forum for further clarification of individual rules & policies for the set sections.

Please be fully aware that anything that is said or asked by a RangerBoard Administrative member is as good as any written rule. You are expected to comply whether or not what was said/asked is written on this page. RangerBoard like any other forum will continue to adapt to everyone's needs, no rules that the staff enforces are required to be written here. As a member, you're expected to comply.

RangerBoard Policies
Privacy Policy
We will not reveal any of your information unless requested by law or you broke a law by scamming users online. In which case your information will be provided for Law Enforcement reports.

Contacting Staff Policy
Please allow up to a full 72 hours for a staff member to reply. Assuming they're on and already having read your message does not mean they're obligated to reply to you immediately.

Only escalate to an Administrator if it has been several days, not hours or minutes.

Posting Policy
We reserve the right to keep, close, and remove any posting at our discretion. Anything that is found to be distasteful or offensive can be taken down whether it's written in the rules or not. Do not create a new thread addressing any that were closed. PM the Moderator that handled your thread and wait with great patience.

Account Policy
All members may only have 1 account at any given time. Any additional accounts discovered will be terminated, and the original account is subject for permanent removal as well or a 6 month infraction of 2 points.

All user generated content, posts, and discussions, contained on RangerBoard are the intellectual property of RangerBoard.com. RangerBoard.com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users of RangerBoard.com, with our own internal tracking.

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