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SCAMMER Alerts!! = Be sure to check this thread before a final deal. UPDATED: April 27, 2015
by ϟDecade Decade is offline

Disclaimer: All deals are done at the traders' risks and the administration of RangerBoard shall not be held accountable for ANYTHING. Including but not limited to PayPal faults, failed deals, shipping problems and scams

We also reserve the right to share one's information publicly if deemed a scammer to assist protecting the members of the site.


DO NOT Send any money to the listed Paypal E-Mail Addresses.
DO NOT Ship to the posted addresses here. and be cautious of P.O Box addresses.

Have the P.O Box dealer pay or trade to you FIRST.

Please report scammers/incidents in the Member Support section here: http://www.RangerBoard.com/forumdisplay.php?f=47

If you & few other people have discovered you're getting absolutely nothing after paying it or sending items for trade, create a NEW THREAD to call them out first before reporting to me.

If you paid by Paypal, please also try the Fraud Report support to get your money back.
Then escalate to me to have the scammer added to this list.


"How do I get removed off the scammers list?"

- To get removed, every person that reported you scamming must report to me directly that the issue with you has been resolved. And I mean EVERY person. Even if 1 is left out, you're not getting removed.

Users with HIGH Positive Feedback

When it comes to dealing with recently registered users and you're buying from them, ASK them to ship you the items first before payment. If they answer no then that should be a RED FLAG.

They're new and trying to make a deal with a respected & high positive rating member - they should have no problems at all shipping the merchandise first.

Scammers List:

Scammers are given [Scammer] in their name & or Icon Tag on the posting:


yokattaweb.jp / yokattaweb.com

Name: Harada Keiko

Address Information:
4-12-9 Hamaderaishizucho Nishi
Osaka Sakai Nishiku
Postal Code: 592-8333

Phone: 072-220-7860


Domain Information:
Registrant ID: US-13C324E1F80
Registrant Name: A E
Registrant Organization: Infinippon, LLP
Registrant Address1: Oirase
Registrant City: Kamikita
Registrant State/Province: Aomori
Registrant Postal Code: 0340041
Registrant Country: Japan
Registrant Country Code: JP
Registrant Phone Number: +81.81176251111
Registrant Email: domain@yokattaweb.com
Registrant Application Purpose: P2
Registrant Nexus Category: C31/JP

Offense: Yokatta services scammed many RangerBoard members by not responding to emails, not fulfilling remaining paid orders and not issuing refunds.


Justin Smith

User ID: Crater
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=57546
Scammer Thread: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=173531

E-Mail Addresses:
Location: Philadelphia


Graham Thomson / Graham Alexander
Other Alias: Maureen Youngson
User ID: Retroplanet & Thomson101
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=37334
Scammer Thread: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=131264

E-Mail Addresses: gthomson1986@hotmail.com
Location: Scotland


John Forsyth
User ID: tommyoliver9
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=45337
Scammer Thread: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=140929

E-Mail Addresses: forsythjohn66@hotmail.com, lanpher98@gmail.com
Location: Swanzey, NH

Zip Code
: 03431-8001


Lucas Henkel

User ID: Ninjafalconzord
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=35960
Reporting thread: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=124186

Paypal E-Mail:

Zip Code: 17036


Shane Warrens

User ID: MaxShadow[Scammer]
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=36052
Reporting threads: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=123033



Doug Stumpf ** HIGH ALERT **

Fraud Alias: John Stumpf

Left: Doug Stumpf, Right: Unknown

User ID:
Drift King

eBay ID:

Paypal Address:

Zip Code: 08558

iOffer page:


Tim Robin? Full name unknown.

User ID:



Reyn Nishizuka

User ID:

Zip Code: 96816

Paypal Address:


User ID:

E-Mail Address:


User ID:
Paramedex / Rangerous

E-Mail Address:

Discussion Thread:

Melvin Van Der Kraan

User ID:

E-Mail Address:

Paypal Address:

Discussion Thread:

User ID:

E-Mail Address:

Paypal Address:

Discussion Thread:


Josh Lawson

User ID: greenwhiteredranger
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=43580

Zip Code: 21702


Daniel Whittamore

Paypal address/email: shortyD187@hotmail.com

Zip Code: 80218


Tyren Mallory

Other known Aliases: Dante Mills / Dupree Mallory / Rolonda Mallory / Reon Mallory

User ID: GokaiBlack / GoRed25 / Black Ranger Power / Campanawanna8090

Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=54823

Paypal addresses/emails:

Zip Codes:

Omar Lopez

User ID:

E-Mail Address:



Marketplace Probation
Marketplace Probation is a status for scammers that have come around and attempted to make things right. If you are still owed money by these people, please contact our staff immediately to mediate the situation.

Anthony Barbieri

User ID: Airmos
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=61212
Reporting Thread: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?p=4938051

Notes: Airmos is one of the few that shown immediate remorse, and made efforts to coordinate with the victim and re-pay him for the items. A fair value was agreed on, and over the course of a few weeks the victim received payment for the items.



Current User ID: Angelbear01
Profile Link: http://www.RangerBoard.com/member.php?u=28018
Reporting thread: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=124901

Notes: Angelbear01 has shown remorse and capability to deal with members appropriately. But members should exercise all caution and ensure there is clear communication and pay only with Paypal through "Goods & Services".


Mike Palmer / Joyce Palmer

User ID:
RangerInBeastMode / Cloud Matheis / others

E-Mail Address:

Discussion Thread:

Notes: In July, 2014, Mike has refunded the member in the above thread. Due to prior issues on the board, however, the moderators and admins have decided to not reinstate his membership at this time.


Final Notes:

HD_Geek wrote: View Post

An honest trader with low/no feedback should have no issue sending their item first to an honest trader with an established reputation via the feeback thread (# of transactions + time on board*).

Keep in mind that there are way more successful, honest transactions on RB than scams. Check the feedback thread before making a deal. Use the feedback thread when you have a good or bad experience.

Be skeptical. You have to be wary of people who:
- won't give you a straight answer
- are really bad about returning PMs (if they can't be bothered to return a PM are you sure they will take the time to pack and send your stuff?)
- take their threads on and off with prices changing all the time or items being added or subtracted constantly

none of these, of course, are definite signs of a scammer or are leading indications of a bad deal but that just takes me back to the feedback thread. Use it.

*I say time on board because like myself, some people have a low (post count) to (time on board) ratio
Cyrax9 wrote: View Post

Okay, for those of you who don't already know about this, and are sick and tired of dealing with scammers, and sick and tired of them taking your money, please do the following:

If you see someone whose a repeat offender on the RangerBoard "Scammer Alert" thread, and you live in the UNITED STATES, then I suggest that you go to The Internet Crime Complaint Center; A.K.A. IC3, and file a complaint. This is the Federal Government that you'll be dealing with--see the partnership that makes up the IC3--trust me, these guys don't f**k around, and will aggressively pursue anyone whose taken your money.

The important thing here is that you keep a paper trail of your transactions. Anything you have--PMs, threads, receipts etc. -- anything at all should be saved; take screen caps of PM using "Grab" on the Mac, or the "Print Screen" command on a PC, and save them as evidence. Print out as much information as you can. If the IC3 needs information from you, you'll want to provide as much of it as you can.

HD_Geek, you asked what we'd suggest to protect against further fraud on RangerBoard; this is my suggestion--get the IC3 involved, at least with the fraud in the U.S.A. If other nations have something similar, I advise compiling a list so that people here know where to go if they're defrauded in their nation, so that they can try to recover their money. I realize that this is a reactive solution rather than a pro-active one, but I think if a few people got a visit from the feds after defrauding other RB users, it might be the type of deterrent we'd need to prevent other scammers from coming here and wreaking havoc.

Look, I'll be honest, I got burned badly a few years back on eBay with an overseas transaction--I lost nearly $1000US Dollars to some motherf**ker in Romania, and it still infuriates me that he has MY MONEY, and I don't have the f**king laptop I bought my girlfriend from this douchebag. I went to the IC3 when they were operating under a different name, (FBICC I believe,) and I filed a complaint. Unfortunately, my transaction wasn't really traceable, and there's a good chance that I'll never see my $975 dollars or whatever the hell I was defrauded out of again. However, PayPal is EXTREMELY TRACEABLE, and if enough people start reporting this stuff, than the frauds will leave this place.

Finally, let me be honest; I understand if somebody loses an item occasionally, it gets lost in the mail, damaged, or the postal worker uses it as a frisbee. It happens to all of us, and many sellers try to make good. Sometimes a buyer does get screwed over by a bank, and they contact the sellers and try to make good as well. That route--the diplomatic route, is the way to go first, and for an isolated incident. However, when multiple people are being defrauded, it's time to get law enforcement involved. If someone goes to prison after defrauding multiple people, too bad for them--they're the criminal, not you.

Instead of talking about dumping shit on this guys lawn, report him to the IC3, if they see multiple reports aimed at the same person, they'll take note of it, and they will investigate this problem.

As for RB itself, maybe we need to have an actual "transaction" section on the site, with the securities offered by such a feature, and to restrict the merchandise forum to merchandise discussion. RB members should be able to buy and sell and trade amongst one another, but they should be able to do so in a more secure environment. Back when trades/sales/purchases weren't a major part of the merchandise forum, the "honor system" that we have worked fine. But not that everyone seems to be interested in conducting business here, I think we need something better, and something that's restricted to RB members, with true security features built-in. I hope that you find my information useful, at least some of it.

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