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Announcements in Forum : Account Support
READ this BEFORE posting here!!
by ϟDecade Decade is offline

Please allow up to 24 hours for Staff Validation

First off, if you received an E-Mail stating that your account has been deleted because you're a Spambot - please do not take offense to it. It's a generic response message. Your account may have been deleted for numerous of reasons which include but not limited to:
  • Possible Spambot
  • Possible banned member
  • Generic Username & Email
  • Foul / Disallowed wording in Username
  • Disallowed E-Mail Address
  • Registered through Proxy/VPN

If your account was deleted and you do not meet any of the above reasons for deletion, please create a new thread to alert us that a mistake has been made. Include your User Name. Note, this will not be an immediate process as we investigate your claim.

While opening up a claim against the deletion, please show as much respect as possible if you want any respect returned to you.

If you have recently registered, please know that it will take some time for your account to be approved. Whining about it will not expedite the process. DO NOT register twice. If you have registered, and are so impatient that you decide to register again, both names will be deleted.

If you have not been validated/approved within 24 hours, you may not have verified your own account. You would have received an E-Mail from RangerBoard that you're required to click on for the verification process. If you have not received this, you can try requesting for it manually here: http://www.RangerBoard.com/register.php?do=requestemail

If you still aren't getting it, you may request for your account to be deleted, so you can try again with a different E-Mail address.

You will not be able to register if you are using an e-mail address from the following services:
  • Dodgeit
  • 21cn
  • AIM
  • AOL
  • CBEmail
  • Fastmail
  • Excite
  • Yahoo
  • Any/All "Temp" Email Services

In regards to the listed reason: Generic Username & Email, if your name looks like a spambot name, it will be deleted. If your email looks like a spambot email, it will be deleted.

If your name is John39208 and your email is JT2424@gmail.com, you will be deleted everytime.

Try thinking up a unique name. As cliched as it may seem, if your name is GreenRangerRules, you're probably in good shape.


MegaRed wrote: View Post

If you post something like this:

RFyle119 Fan wrote: View Post

I'll tell you and everybody what. If all of you people don't help me I'll come into the website and STEAL ALL OF YOUR FAN WORK AND DRAWINGS!!!!!

Understand? Please? Pretty Please!!! I'm begging all of you!!! PLEASE!!!
We will ban you, and you will never be able to join.

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