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View Poll Results: Best season:
MMPR S1 - Nothing is hotter than chicks who wear 80s workout gear under their dresses. 69 14.00%
MMPR S2 - See? Now the Black Ranger is Asian and the Yellow Ranger is black. Much better! 20 4.06%
MMPR S3 - Rita's best plan involved Greek flat bread. Not her best work. 20 4.06%
ZEO - Fear the new evil married couple: a fat robot and Ms. Swan! 24 4.87%
Turbo - Try all you want, overly Hispanic ranger. No one cares about soccer. 3 0.61%
In Space - KARONE! KARONE! KAROOONE!!! 102 20.69%
Lost Galaxy - MIKE! MIKE! MIIIKE!!! 20 4.06%
Lightspeed Rescue - A tip for future evil rangers: get a better weapon than a Super Soaker. 11 2.23%
Time Force - Nothing screams "future" like a battlizer with roller skates. 45 9.13%
Wild Force - Danny and Max: It's guy love... between two guuuys!!! 6 1.22%
Ninja Storm - How do you not notice giant devices always strapped to five people's wrists? 12 2.43%
DinoThunder - He's a doctor. Seriously. Yes, THAT Tommy. 22 4.46%
SPD - Actually patrolling space is so overrated. 13 2.64%
Mystic Force - Clare can't perform magic. Wait. She can. She can't. She can...'t? 4 0.81%
Operation Overdrive - In honor of this season I quit trying to think of a caption. 2 0.41%
Jungle Fury - It's comforting that the unteachable oaf of a Red Ranger tried to teach children. 4 0.81%
RPM - Emotionally crippled child? Still a better mentor than Question Bitch. 109 22.11%
Samurai - People were stupid enough to vote for it the first time... 7 1.42%
Voters: 493. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-07-2010, 07:36 PM   #1
When I Move, I Slice Like A Fucking Hammer
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What is the best season of Power Rangers?

This was inevitable.

Edit: You have to let me come up with captions first, you impatient c-suckers!

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LG or iS for me.
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the nxt evil green ranger
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i like MMPR, Zeo, In Space, Overdrive, SPD, Mystic an Dino Thunder
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Multiple Man
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Add a poll, dammit.
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Vivid Aoi Operation
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Just because there isn't a poll doesn't mean you need to be so sparse in your reasons. Expand. Make this thread worthy of being a sticky. Discuss!
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Not so "new" after all.
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Time Force mainly because I grew up with it. My father and I watched every episode of this series every Saturday and we actually grew together due to the relationship between Wes and his father.
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I engage in motion
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I vote for Power Rangers 2009.
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I pick Inspace. The story was rich and constantly moving. The rangers were some of the best ever. Andros and Zhane were new unique characters. The Psycho Rangers arc was basically flawless, no one ranger played a more important role then another during the season. I loved the new atmosphere going into space but being able to return to familiar ground in Angel Grove.
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VIP Rider
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MMPR, Time Force, Lost Galaxy & In Space
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King of Braves!
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At the moment, RPM.

The genuinely funny moments, the great action, morphed and unmorphed, and a story that was unlike anything we'd seen before. Everything in it was done well, and gave me one of my favorite rangers ever in Ziggy. Most of the cast was well fleshed out, and were interesting characters. This was just an all around amazing series. I missed the roll calls, but they wouldn't have fit in RPM anyway.
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the nxt evil green ranger
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i will discuss why i like each one

MMPR - im a huge green ranger fan thus this is why i like this one

Zeo - For the fact they brought Jason back as the gold ranger

In Space - i only really like this one for one episode an that is the one where the teenage mutant ninja turtles got pulled into that, i jsut thought that was a funny storyline

Overdrive - just for the once a ranger always a ranger episode

SPD - i liked the idea of two power teams, they had there main one (A Squad) an then the back up team (B Squad) which with A Squad had a FEMALE red ranger, then you had the Shadow Ranger an even for a breif moment the Cat Ranger, plus i think Z is hot lol

Mystic - ive always like myth an magic thats why i like this one cause they use that through out the show

Dino Thunder - just for the fact Tommy came back to watch over the new power team, an when push came to shove he suited back up to help, an also the episode where he fought his former ranger forms to gain the black dino gem
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Dem crazy eyes.
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Voted for RPM, Come for the Ziggy/K relationship, Emotionally stunted asylum escapees who rival only the Mythbusters in explosions done, A Kiwi versus a Scottish accent, and a producer switch halfway through; Stay for the fandom hissy fits about continuity and alternate universes and Word of God.

Still the best season, because despite all that, It was much more entertaining than Space or Time Force, and about equal to Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder.
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Multiple Man
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Originally Posted by GreenNinja View Post
Just because there isn't a poll doesn't mean you need to be so sparse in your reasons. Expand. Make this thread worthy of being a sticky. Discuss!
Well, I was always planning to discuss it. The poll is an easy way to show some general stats on the fan reaction at a glance (excepting a certain level of BS since a few people vote idiotically for the unaired seasons, etc.).


Favorite season. Time Force.

I love the characters. And yes, that mainly means Jen, Wes, and Eric, but I also love Trip and enjoyed Katie despite the uneven screentime. Plus Ransik is a badass villain and Mr. Collins was a great foil, with a greater complexity than just simply being a "bad guy."

In fact, the whole season is about not having simple good or simple evil. Most of the key players on the villains' side actually have reasons for why they act that way. Even if Ransik was already predisposed to do wrong, he at least has the added pressure of having been shunned by some people in society, and obviously not fitting in, regardless of how many charitable humans tried to help him (as Jen mentions once). He then goes, hypocritically so, passing the prejudice he received onto Frax, who then is fueled to go insane and attack everyone, only realizing what they've all become right before he's about to have his soul erased.

Anyway, the show was dramatic and emotional, and had some great performances by the show's key players. I'm still sort of amazed at Edward Albert as Mr. Collins, since PR generally just didn't have that kinda talent at the time, to be honest.

I love the suits, and loved the concept of the form-changing Megazord, and the weapons were awesome-tastic.

There's a great element of "hard sci-fi" in the season as well, dealing with genetic manipulation, consequences to time travel, integration of aliens into the general human population. As well as moral and ethical tales about prejudice and greed.

The characters were not cardboard cut-out perfect people as in some other seasons. They made mistakes- quite a few of them- though they generally had each others' backs when they needed it.

Eric is my favorite Ranger of all time, because he was complex and unique in that he wasn't an "evil Ranger" but he didn't just fall in line with everyone else, and he had a lot of complicated human reasons for it. Some justified, others not-so-much, but his viewpoint was constantly challenged throughout the season, and he grew as a person by the end. But not so much that you barely recognize him anymore, which is what happened with Ryan the year before.


Honorable mention.

Lost Galaxy took a nature season and drastically transformed it into a space opera with all kinds of fun and unique plots that had little to do with the original sentai (or at least radically changed the circumstances). They also had some first-times-in-a-long-time, such as the big team-up with not just the Space guys, but with the Pscyho Rangers. And the surprising death of Kendrix (temporary as it was, it happened, and stayed that way till the last episode). Opening the door for further redemption of Karone from Space.

RPM is such a complete package of awesome. Expertly blending comedy, drama, characterization, and action into a fantastic, well-written, well-acted season.
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Power Ranger
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In Space, hands down for me. loved everything about it even with its flaws. loved that they were able to take 4 boring (at least IMO) from Turbo and make them characters I care about. plus giving us a new red ranger to care about and be interested in.

and holy shit, Zordon gets killed. best. ending. ever. haha
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Lord Seth
Power Ranger
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RPM. It had the least filler of any season, the acting was great, Ziggy was a comic relief character who was genuinely hilarious, the characters were interesting (except for Summer, whose two-parter "Ranger Yellow" is in my opinion the worst episode(s) of the series), and had my personal favorite villain (Venjix). I also appreciated the fact that Venjix was revealed to have plans other than "let's send in a random monster and hope that THIS time it beats the Rangers!" such as either having the attack bot having some secondary mission or various other back-up plans. I also find it just plain impressive how they managed to turn a goofy and lighthearted series about talking engines from another universe that come to Earth to partner with humans in order to stop an evil group from yet another universe from taking over the world via pollution into a post-apocalyptic setting where there's only one safe city left on Earth. (for the record, I loved Go-Onger, but RPM is even better)

It had a few flaws; I thought Colonel Truman really was a pretty lousy leader, Summer as I said was quite boring, and the theme song was one of the worst of the series. But it managed to mix seriousness with humor so perfectly, Venjix being a great villain, and the lack of filler makes it the best season of the series for me, topping even In Space and Time Force.
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West Side, bitches!
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I actually voted for WF, because the caption was cute.
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Power Rangers ZE-O~!
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The number one quality for me when it comes to evaluating seasons is the cast. If I like the entire cast, I'm more willing to overlook other flaws because the characters are the most important part of the story. This is why Zeo is my favorite. For all the complaints that Tommy was boring or Kat wasn't a good fighter and their romance was forced and blah blah blah, the combination of Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Tommy and Jason is my overall favorite team of Rangers to this day. Every Ranger had a distinctive personality and heritage/country of origin, the screentime was spread around fairly well (although Tommy still got the most), and I liked everybody.

The Gold Ranger was awesome, and Jason coming back was shocking to me as a kid. Rocky and Adam were used better, and their personalities became more defined, particularly Rocky's. Tanya was used WORLDS better than Aisha ever was, and I really did not mind Kat and Tommy together nor Tommy's vision quest and search for his brother. Actually, the vision quest stuff was why I liked Tommy in Zeo because it was actually about him/his family instead of Tommy just beating monsters, which was all he did as White Ranger. Between Bulk, Skull, Lt. Stone and Billy, the supporting cast was also strong.

There's so many other little things about Zeo that I enjoy. I loved the costumes, especially the shapes on the helmets. The theme song is still my favorite of the series to this day. The Zeo Megazord's exchangeable helmets are cool, and the Super Zeozords are only below the Ninjazords on my list of top favorite Zords. And, although not part of Zeo itself, the explosive ending of MMPR and the heavy promotion of Zeo back in 1996 was incredible. Every time I saw one of the "It's coming" promos and then when I finally saw the premiere as a kid, my mind couldn't even comprehend all of the awesome. I love that "A Zeo Beginning" was mostly exposition and things like the new Power Chamber and the updated score made Zeo feel "bigger" to me.

The Machine Empire were lacking at first, and I grant that as one of Zeo's weaknesses. Things picked up in the second half when Rita and Zedd came back and Archerina and Gasket joined the show. The second-half of Zeo had the "big" storylines like Tommy being kidnapped, the Gold Ranger saga, the death of Mondo, Rita and Zedd plotting against the Empire, etc., and I really enjoyed all of it. But I also like silly standalone "filler" episodes that focus on a Ranger of the day, and Zeo had a lot of enjoyable ones in the first half: "A Few Bad Seeds," "Every Dog Has His Day," "Song Sung Yellow," "Game of Honor," "Challenges," etc. Sure, the Rangers didn't always develop in them per se, but I always enjoyed watching the characters. I also really enjoy the seasons that give us the campy standalone filler AND the big multi-part storylines, which is why MMPRS3 and Zeo are two of my top favorites.

Zeo's biggest weakness to me is how it ends, with Turbo acting like the end of Zeo never even happened. The ratings were terrible so I understand why I happened, but I really wish the show got to go out with the bang on which it started, rather than fizzling out and being pushed aside for cars. It deserved better.

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Just one of those days
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Honestly? I can't think of a singular "best" or "worst" season. I have several I enjoyed and others thst were just... bad.
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RPM. This season had it all.

Great story, action, characters, dark but at the same time not afraid to poke fun at itself. Fantastic.
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Power Ranger
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There are two elements that I absolutely need in a good season imo. It needs good action and characters. I was fighting between TF and RPM, but my heart goes to RPM. The acting, the complexity of the characters both heroes and villains, the action, they all meshed together for my all time favorite season. Time Force comes in second, DT in third.
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