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Will Tony Oliver and Jonathan Tzachor make PRS alot like Shinkenger?

Ok,lately,i've been pretty curious on how Tony Oliver and Jonathan Tzachor will adapt Power Rangers Samurai.I've been wondering if they're gonna make PRS to be a lot like Shinkenger or really different from Shinkenger.All i have 2 say is that if they're gonna work together 2 create this new season,they have 2 make it alot like Shinkenger since the plot and characters 4 Shinkenger r amazing and i wanna c a really similar plot and similar characters in PRS to Shinkenger. So,Tony and Tzachor better make an adaption similiar 2 Shinkenger! Maroo!

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Yes. Power Rangers Samurai will be a direct adaptation of Shinkenger.
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They don't have to do anything. it really does not matter if they copy sentai or get more creative in any given season. Kids and even a lot of PR fans on this very board won't know the difference. All that matters is that they make it good.
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Truncated Power Rangers
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Originally Posted by AngelGuy335 View Post
So,Tony and Tzachor better make an adaption similiar 2 Shinkenger! Maroo!
Weeaboo alert.
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Quantum Wolf
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It has been stated that it'll be like Shinkenger. Exactly how much it will be like Shinkenger is still uncertain, but like it was said, I never watched Shinkenger. So it doesn't matter to me on whether or not it's a direct adaptation of the it.

And wow, PLEASE learn to use punctuation marks and proper grammar, that was so painful and confusing to read.
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Tony already confirmed at Morphicon that this would be a literal translation of Shinkenger, only difference being the comedy scenes he's writing. Personally I'm not looking forward to it.
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!!let go on!!
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it wildforce all over again
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well tony said at recent convention that prs is going to be close to shinken but of course there is going to be various degrees of differences between the sentai and us adaption.
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Like it's been said in Morphicon threads and the 50 million other Power Rangers Samurai threads; Tony said PRS will be very close to Shinkenger.

Can we stop making side threads for every little point of discussion that comes up in the bigger threads?
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