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Originally Posted by Tanavar View Post
I like Knights Elite the best out of those
Thanks mate! Now I have something to work with. Does anyone think that Ring Morphers or Crest/Emblem Morphers would work for such a plot?

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ideas i have to many

i always wanted a musical team where the rangers are a 5 many band and each eps they get closer together and their bonds grow.
red - would be lead singer of course
blue- would be guitarist
yellow - on the keyboard
pink - trumpet
black -drums of course
after a while they get new band members
gold- dubstep
green- flute
idk what of band this is but its an awesome one
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I came up with a team of Rangers based on Dungeons & Dragons, complete with character inspirations.

Red Mage- Based on Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four, Red Mage primarily relies on ranged attacks.

Blue Rogue- Based on Selina Kyle, Blue Rogue is a cunning master thief who employs stealth tactics to get the drop on her enemies.

Yellow Cleric- Based on Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, Yellow Cleric is the heart of the group. He uses non-violent means to protect the innocent, and is the group's healer.

Orange Barbarian- Based on Aquaman from Brave and the Bold, Orange Barbarian is a heartily hammy fighter who leaps into situations headfirst.

Purple Bard- Based on the titular Bard from the PS2 Bard's Tale, the Purple Bard is a cynical wordsmith who makes up for his physical deficiencies with his charisma and musical talent.
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Otokusastu Zetto
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Hey guys I've seen amazing idea wow, I have another one for you.

Remember those two concept ?

If yes then good, I was looking at the rumored suit for Shishi Red (Uchu Sentai Kyuranger) and thought that we can possibly do something combining the two.

The first one he is simple and have a sash hold by one pauldron plate on the left shoulder. The Helmet have lense/light on the upper and on the lower a microphone. The Belt have a distinguish rocket as a symbol.

The second one we see a crystal like helmet with a hand attached like an hair pin. We can also see the upper body and it seems that the design consist of red/white streak.

So how you would combine the two design and what the theme of this Sentai would be for you ?


For me the design would be like this.

I keep the crystal helmet thing from the second one but with the form of the first one I keep the microphone. The Suit would be Red and Black mostly but the sash will be with Red and white streak. This Sash will be hold by a Hand. The Belt will be plain and simple. I'll give as a weapon a Rocket (A la Fourze) to This Red Warrior.

The Theme of this Sentai will be not virtual based game but a Boardgaming sentai (more Chess themed I think) with a second theme based on fireworks and stuffing and catches.

My Team then will consist of:
  1. Red being the Pawn he will be a male
  2. Bleu being the Bishop he will be a male
  3. Yellow being the Knight she will be a female
  4. Green being the Rook she will be a female
  5. Black being the King he will be a male
  6. Pink being the queen she will be a female

The Team will be a familly owning a stuffing and catches / drug store not so rish not so poor a middle class familly, This Super Sentai will be a Magic Themed one. The Monster would be based on other boardgame like for exemple Monopoly guy possibly being a monster or square four too.

Why Red is a pawn in fact it's make sense Red would be able to have promotion and become any other piece of the Chess board (A la High School DxD for people who knows)
  • Red will be arrogant a bit pervert but truly carrying for other but not hotblooded.
  • Bleu will be a bit shy, determinated but hotblooded when triggered.
  • Yellow will be a tomboyish girl but in the inside she want her prince charming.
  • Green would be the cute one but be careful she is so strong.
  • Black the father of the familly protective, tactician and bossing.
  • Pink the mother who will do whatever she can to protect her children and the shop.

As for now it's all I can imagine for a Chess based Super Sentai based on the early rumor of Red design from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger with this post.

I don't have a Mecha in mind lol let me know what you think about this
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How about a team of:
Frog - Green
Pig - Pink
Bear - Yellow
Dog - Black/brown
Bird(like) - Blue
Animal - Red some kind of hyped up proto-human Anthropomorphic beast who is out of control and they constantly have to real in.

They'd be like working in old theater putting on vaudeville like skits with puppets, but are secretly called to become heroes!
Thing is they think it's just a skit.
At the Command-center a bald Eagle.
And his quirky and panicky assistant at the controls.

Concept art:

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i just thought of a new idea after watch pris the evil rangers should actually be a team but then i thought why not have a monster team try to get rid of ailens

dracula- vampire- red
howl- werewolf-blue
locknestmonster-black 6thranger
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I have no plans to do anything with this whatsoever, but I put a ton of detail into it. I'd just like some feedback.


Long ago, an ancient evil named Count Whardunn unleashed his BioMan Empire soldiers upon a small planet which on the surface appeared to be weak; when Whardunn, a decorated Bioman Empire Sargeant General, first heard of the planet’s rich plasma core which could power his dormant Bioweapons, he knew he had to get there. After proposing the idea to King Enrixan of the BioMan Empire, he was promptly shot down; the King was actually thinking of brokering a truce amongst his Empire and Holden -- the source of the plasma core.

Whardunn was none too pleased; his goal for Universal Domination was impeded by his King. In a fit of anger, Whardunn summoned a fire-hued energy blade from his left wrist and slashed Enrixan’s neck, killing his King. Picking up the crown, Whardunn decreed himself as King and made a course for Holden.

Upon landing, Whardunn was greeted by five soliders gathered by Ghordunn, planet Holden’s Military General. Ghordunn, who foresaw the coming of the Empire, created five Disks of Energy which bonded with five different animals scattered amongst the planet, each turning a respective different color -- Red, Blue, Gold, Black, and White. When united, these Holdenian soliders became the Power Rangers.

Whardunn’s army ravshed Holden, but the Rangers fought valiantly against the King
emerged from the ashes of the planet Holden’s plasma core. Despite their best efforts, they could not destroy the Manta Drill which began to penetrate Holden’s surface; soon after, the planet began to die. The Rangers got as many people off the planet as they could, but it was not enough -- as the fifth night of the drilling came to a close, the planet split down the middle. Holden was destroyed.

Ghordunn, who summoned some of his power to teleport himself and his Rangers off the planet before it died, was hoping for the best -- he teleported his Rangers to safety. Instead, he was horrified when the dust settled that it was Whardunn who stood infront of him; holding his left hand out, the BioMan Empire Leader displayed the severed head of the Red Ranger, along with his power coin. Reacting on pure rage for the first time in his life, Ghordunn shot an energy jolt into his foe’s stomach, which began to eat away at his skin. As the skin began to melt, Whardunn realized he was being sent to the Dead Land, where he would be trapped for all eternity.

Ghordunn, after sealing his foe away, traveled to Earth bringing with him the five Energy Disks which harnessed the power of his former Holdenaian soliders. Landing on Planet Earth, where he could rest on a planet with an atmosphere identical to his, decided to live his days on the planet, studying and researching; learning. He wanted to know how to repopulate a Planet, so he may be able to do the same for his dead home.

A millenia passed, and Whardunn emerged from the land of the dead, planning on enacting his revenge on his archrival and jailer, Ghordunn. While in the Dead Lands, Whardunn brokered an agreement with its King, Rotentrera. In return for donating power to him in order to crack the seal of the Dead Lands and reenter into the land of the living, permanently as an immortal. He would have to bring Ghordunn to the Dead Lands to be killed by Rotentrera; Whardunn could finally hunt his enemy but could never get the true revenge he felt he deserved, never dying and having to forever live with the knowledge.

The awakening of this great evil energized the Holdenian Energy Disks, which immediately found and bound itself to animals inhabiting Earth, just as they did many years prior. Running out of time, the Holdenian sage exumed the final amount of his spirit to coating the planet Earth in a wave of energy which would hide Earth from the sight of Whardunn for 500 years. After 500 years of searching, Whardunn locates Ghordunn's energy signature and begins the 200 year lightspeed travel to Earth.

Ghordunn begins the process of terraforming his pseudo-Command Center into a lab where he and his assistant, GalvaSix, begin to craft the Holdenian Energy Disks' energy signatures into the battle armor his Rangers wore so many years before. In crafting the suits, the two Holdenian refugees harnessed the powers of the animals the Disks bonded to into the very fibers of the suits, embuing the wearer with the power of their animal.

As Whardunn arrives in the Solar System in the year 2018, he begins an assault on the planet Saturn and Uranus, hoping to lure Ghordunn out. Knowing this, Ghordunn assembles his team of Power Rangers to bring Whardunn forward to prevent any more damage from being done. As he inches closer toward the planet, he summons five teenagers with attitude to the Command Center to become the mighty Omega Defender Rangers, who will bring an end to Whardunn's terror forever.

This is the story of the Power Rangers: Omega Defenders and thier leader, Ghordunn as they set to defend Earth from this great evil.


The Omega Defenders:

Red Tiger Ranger:
Cameron Michaels
Uses the Red Tiger Blade in conjunction with the Tiger’s speed to weild the Red Ranger Disk. Cameron is a nineteen year old college sophomore majoring in biotechnology at Candle Hill College when he is transported to the Command Center to take on the mantle of Leader of the Power Rangers and Red Ranger. Brash, intelligent, and a star track athlete, Cameron leads his teammates into battle against Whardunn to defend his planet. His Red Tiger Zord emerges from the depths of the Jungles of South America, where it rushes into battle to fire Red Rocket Blasts from its back. His Zord forms the right arm of the Omega Defender Megazord.

Blue Gorilla Ranger:
Corey David
Uses the Blue Gorilla Axe in conjunction with the Gorilla’s strength to weild the Blue Ranger Disk. Corey is a sixteen year old high school junior at Candle Hill Secondary, where he is a star wrestler and member of the debate club. While a maven on the mat, Corey uses his strength to focus in situations and analyze them, preferring reasoning over confrontation. When summoned to the Command Center he gets the mantle of the Blue Ranger. He assists Cameron in battle when needed, but acts as a strategist as well despite his young age. His Gorilla Zord emerges from the Jungles of Africa, where it swings into battle utilizing the Fist Bombs from its wrists. His Zord forms the midsection of the Zord.

Gold Elephant Ranger:
Gavin Hendricks
Uses the Gold Elephant Bow
Uses the Gold Elephant Bow in conjunction with the Elephant’s hearing to rain down pinpoint accurate bow strikes from long range. Gavin is an eighteen year old native of an indiginous African tribe but adopted at a young age by French missionaries. Brought up in Europe, he developed an interest in biomedical engineering at a young age and is in his first year at Candle Hill College. He is transported to the Command Center and is bestowed the Gold Elephant Ranger mantle. He acts as a surveyor for the team, analyzing the battle ground to assist his teammates to get optimal angels in battle. His Elephant Zord emerges from the plains of Africa, chargining into battle shooting Laser Cannons from its tusks. His Zord forms the legs and head for the Omega Defender Zord.

Black Eagle Ranger:
Cheryl Jarrett
Uses the Black Eagle Rifle in conjunction with the stealth of the Eagle to pick off opponents from a distance. Cheryl is a foreign exchange student to Cherry Hill High School as a senior at age eighteen. Cheryl meets and befriends Corey early in the year. She joins the debate team and gains the attention of a Cherry Hill College professor who wants to get her to join his school’s debate team. Cheryl is transmitted to the Command Center and is bestowed the Black Eagle Ranger Mantle. She acts as a long range fighter for the team, utilizing her sniper rifle and marksmen rifles to pick off her enemies with her superior microphones installed to hear movement better. Her Eagle Zord soars down from the mountains of Argentina to shoot energy cannon blasts out of the tips of the wings. Her Zord forms the front shield and the wings form the blade for the Omega Defender’s sword.

White Wolf Ranger:
Jamie Espinoza
Uses the White Wolf Javelin in conjunction with the wolves’ cunning to strike down enemies at close and medium range. Jamie is a freshman at Cherry Hill College where she studies Anthropology. She is at the top of her class, attaining all A’s and being very involved in the student union. Jamie is brought to the Command Center and is given the White Wolf Ranger mantle. She acts as a brute strength attacker for the team, using the Javelin to destroy the enemies and have range in her attack. Her Wolf Zord comes down from the Andes to charge at enemies, taking them down viciously. Her Zord forms the left arm of the Omega Defender Zord.

Sixth Ranger:
Green Lion Ranger:
Jesse Paul
Uses the Green Lion Blade alongside the kingly power of the Lion to destroy the foes before himself and the Power Rangers. Initially not part of the team as he got his powers on accident; during the first Zord Battle at Cherry Hill, the MegaZord’s combined blast destroyed a building, sending a piece of debris flying down while absorbing power from the blast, whose energy originated from the Morphin’ Grid. Jesse, a nineteen year old software engineering sophomore at Cherry Hill College, was born in New Zealand to a native woman of the island and a doctor from Germany; the family relocated to Cherry Hill when his father receives a job at the Cherry Hill Mission Hospital as a neurologist. Jesse receives his power and immediately decides to find the Rangers he has seen on television and in battle. He finally attracts their attention and receives their respect as a combatant and teammate.
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This seems like it might be the best place to ask since this does have to do with world-building and my own PRverse.

Is it okay to recruit writers here?

I have some gaps in my chronology...need help to fill.
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im down for it
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