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Originally Posted by Tanavar View Post
I like Knights Elite the best out of those
Thanks mate! Now I have something to work with. Does anyone think that Ring Morphers or Crest/Emblem Morphers would work for such a plot?

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ideas i have to many

i always wanted a musical team where the rangers are a 5 many band and each eps they get closer together and their bonds grow.
red - would be lead singer of course
blue- would be guitarist
yellow - on the keyboard
pink - trumpet
black -drums of course
after a while they get new band members
gold- dubstep
green- flute
idk what of band this is but its an awesome one
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I came up with a team of Rangers based on Dungeons & Dragons, complete with character inspirations.

Red Mage- Based on Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four, Red Mage primarily relies on ranged attacks.

Blue Rogue- Based on Selina Kyle, Blue Rogue is a cunning master thief who employs stealth tactics to get the drop on her enemies.

Yellow Cleric- Based on Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, Yellow Cleric is the heart of the group. He uses non-violent means to protect the innocent, and is the group's healer.

Orange Barbarian- Based on Aquaman from Brave and the Bold, Orange Barbarian is a heartily hammy fighter who leaps into situations headfirst.

Purple Bard- Based on the titular Bard from the PS2 Bard's Tale, the Purple Bard is a cynical wordsmith who makes up for his physical deficiencies with his charisma and musical talent.
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Otokusastu Zetto
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Hey guys I've seen amazing idea wow, I have another one for you.

Remember those two concept ?

If yes then good, I was looking at the rumored suit for Shishi Red (Uchu Sentai Kyuranger) and thought that we can possibly do something combining the two.

The first one he is simple and have a sash hold by one pauldron plate on the left shoulder. The Helmet have lense/light on the upper and on the lower a microphone. The Belt have a distinguish rocket as a symbol.

The second one we see a crystal like helmet with a hand attached like an hair pin. We can also see the upper body and it seems that the design consist of red/white streak.

So how you would combine the two design and what the theme of this Sentai would be for you ?


For me the design would be like this.

I keep the crystal helmet thing from the second one but with the form of the first one I keep the microphone. The Suit would be Red and Black mostly but the sash will be with Red and white streak. This Sash will be hold by a Hand. The Belt will be plain and simple. I'll give as a weapon a Rocket (A la Fourze) to This Red Warrior.

The Theme of this Sentai will be not virtual based game but a Boardgaming sentai (more Chess themed I think) with a second theme based on fireworks and stuffing and catches.

My Team then will consist of:
  1. Red being the Pawn he will be a male
  2. Bleu being the Bishop he will be a male
  3. Yellow being the Knight she will be a female
  4. Green being the Rook she will be a female
  5. Black being the King he will be a male
  6. Pink being the queen she will be a female

The Team will be a familly owning a stuffing and catches / drug store not so rish not so poor a middle class familly, This Super Sentai will be a Magic Themed one. The Monster would be based on other boardgame like for exemple Monopoly guy possibly being a monster or square four too.

Why Red is a pawn in fact it's make sense Red would be able to have promotion and become any other piece of the Chess board (A la High School DxD for people who knows)
  • Red will be arrogant a bit pervert but truly carrying for other but not hotblooded.
  • Bleu will be a bit shy, determinated but hotblooded when triggered.
  • Yellow will be a tomboyish girl but in the inside she want her prince charming.
  • Green would be the cute one but be careful she is so strong.
  • Black the father of the familly protective, tactician and bossing.
  • Pink the mother who will do whatever she can to protect her children and the shop.

As for now it's all I can imagine for a Chess based Super Sentai based on the early rumor of Red design from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger with this post.

I don't have a Mecha in mind lol let me know what you think about this
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How about a team of:
Frog - Green
Pig - Pink
Bear - Yellow
Dog - Black/brown
Bird(like) - Blue
Animal - Red some kind of hyped up proto-human Anthropomorphic beast who is out of control and they constantly have to real in.

They'd be like working in old theater putting on vaudeville like skits with puppets, but are secretly called to become heroes!
Thing is they think it's just a skit.
At the Command-center a bald Eagle.
And his quirky and panicky assistant at the controls.

Concept art:

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