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August 26th, 2004, 05:25 PM
Far away from the planet Earth. In another galaxy. People from another planet known as Zaria.
Is stationed near by their planet on a space station. Inside of the prison area of the space

A evil intergalactic villain. Is held inside a prison cell. He glares out of the prison cell. A young
man enters the prison area. He's the age of twenty years old. He's a galactic officer. He wears a
galactic officer uniform. He's known as Chris Hunter. Chris walks towards the villain's prison.

" You thought you would get away with the crimes you committed. It seems you were wrong."
Chris spoke.

" If it wasn't for you capturing me, my plan would of worked. It's all your fault!" The villain
exclaimed, while he threw a punches towards the force field that held him inside of the prison

He was shocked by the force field. He fell backwards. He raised back up and walked towards
Chris once again.

" The force field will hold you inside, until your trial today. Then you'll be punished for your
crimes," Chris responded, while he walked away from the prison cell.

Chris left the prison area. The villain growled with anger. He went back and took a seat in a
chair. Then two galactic officers entered the prison area. They walked towards the villain's
prison cell.

Then they powered down the force field. They started chaining the creature with chains. They
handcuffed him as well with handcuffs.

" Looks like your trial will be held early today, Zarax," One of the Galactic Officers spoke,
while he laughed.

" All of you will pay, I can promise you that!" Zarax exclaimed.

The galactic officers just laughed at Zarax's comment and pulled him and exited the prison area
with Zarax captured. They arrived in the court room. They pushed him in the defendant's seat.

" This court session has begun." The judge announced.

Chris was there as well. Chris handed the judge the copies of the defendant's crime documents.
The judge looked over the document and after he finished reading the document, he cleared his

" Is there any proof that he committed these crimes?" The judge asked.

" Yes sir, here's the pictures of him stealing from the warehouse. He left security guards nearly
dead, they're in the hospital right now in the recovery room." Chris explained.

The judge glared at the photos. He glared at the defendant. He left with the jury inside another
room. A few minutes later the judge and the jury returned to the court room. The judge took his

The jury return to their seats as well. Then the judge cleared his voice and began to reveal the
juries and his decision.

" Me and the Jury, find the defendant guilty of all crimes. He's been sentence life on a deserted
asteroid. He'll be prisoned inside of a force field on the asteroid. Where he'll never escape," The
judge spoke, while he raised up and left the court room.

The other Galactic Officers grabbed Zarax and took him away. Before Zarax left the court
room he growled, while he tried to escape from the chains. He was angry and wanted to kill

" You'll pay for this!" I promise you, I'll escape and you'll die for turning me in!" Zarax

A few hours later. Zarax was chained inside of a spaceship. The Galactic Officers left the space
station, to take Zarax to the asteroid. A few minutes they were near the asteroid. Another
spaceship appeared. On the other spaceship was an evil alliance.

" They'll never prison our master!" A robot spoke, in a robot voice.

The robot was known as Delitron.

" They'll in the ride of their lives!" A female in pink armor exclaimed.

The female was the age of eighteen years old. She was known as Samilia. She had brown hair
and hazel eyes and stood the height of 5'6. Another figure walked in. He was a creature and he
was angry as well. He was known as Talimax.

" We'll help our master escape right now!" Talimax exclaimed.

Then the spaceship fired towards the spaceship that held Zarax inside. Chris was one of the
Galactic Officers that was guarding Zarax. He gazed out the window and spotted another

" Well it's your evil alliance," Chris spoke, while he glared towards Zarax.

Multiple strange lights shined inside of the Galactic Officer's vehicle. It was Zarax's minions,
known as the Cosmotrons. They were his army of warriors. They grabbed their masters and

" No, he's escaped!" Chris exclaimed.

Zarax appeared inside of his evil alliance's spaceship.

"Thank you, my friends," Zarax laughed, while the spaceship escaped into a portal that led them
to another galaxy.

" Commander, Zarax has escaped," Chris explained.

" This isn't good, I'm sending a rescue mission team." The Commander answered.

" How about I go, I'll make sure to capture him and his alliance," Chris insisted.

The Commander thought for a second. He clear his throat and spoke.

" Very well then, good luck!"

Chris summoned his zord, known as Delta Force 1. He transformed into a warrior in spandex
and a helmet with a black visor. He had transformed into a warrior known as the Red Delta
Ranger. He jumped inside of his zord.

He discovered the location of Zarax and his alliance. Then he spoke.

" He's in another galaxy. Heading to a planet called Earth."

Chris then activated his hyper speed on his zord and he flew into the portal, that would lead him
to the planet Earth.

To Be Continued..................

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August 26th, 2004, 08:20 PM
Sounds cool, fugitive alien and all. But could you post a description of what the Ranger's suit and Zord look like?

August 28th, 2004, 12:07 PM
Sure, let me get them ready and I'll post them.

August 28th, 2004, 12:36 PM
Sounds cool

dairy ranger
August 29th, 2004, 04:46 AM
enjoying it Kongazord once again it's like you are reading my mind i have to change the storyplot of my fic now because this is virtually the same plot. it reminds me a bit of PRTF a bit for some reason ( i don't know why don't ask).