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July 2nd, 2004, 12:29 AM
I’ve had some luck for a change in toy hunting. Found the new series of Rangers (minus Triassic) and a Green Triptoid yesterday at Wal-Mart, and today my mom finds the Black and White ATV’s at Target. I’ll review these both for anyone who’s interested.

July 2nd, 2004, 12:34 AM
I have mixed feelings about the Dino Action Power Rangers. Because of the squeeze leg action features they have they have only turnable knees. Not bendable like the first series, they simply turn at the knees. Each action feature involves waste turning and arm movement. If you’re looking for just plain normal action figures these aren’t for you, get the first line. If you wanna invest in extras though, these do have enough good points to justify a buy. First the pros.

For instance they are sculpted well. They don’t look like previous figures from these types of lines, which tend to look a little bigger then they should. You could stand any one of these figures next to any one of the figures from the first line and they would blend in perfectly. These figures come with the Rangers actual Power Weapons, which is a big plus. The weapons could easily be used with any of the other figures, be it the talking line, or the cycle Rangers. They do work best with these figures though, because of the action features, which surprisingly are actually kinda fun. At first sight I didn’t like the way Tommy or Ethan’s arms were permanently sticking outward, but if you’re going to actually play with them it’s actually kinda cool. It works for their weapons. If I want a normal Tommy I’ll use the one from the first line, but if I want him doing combat with his Brachio staff I’ll probably use this one. The Rangers actually have wrist articulation this time which is good, along with elbow, arm, head, the twisting knees I mentioned, and I guess you could count waist too. Not bad for action feature figures, They also corrected the problem of the first White Ranger by putting his Morpher on the proper wrist this time. Tommy and Ethan also get their actual Morphers on their wrists this time, not just the Tyranno one. I don’t have Triassic yet so I can’t comment on the Mezodon figure they all form, but their individual weapons combine to make a few combinations. It’s great to have a Z-Rex blaster in 5” scale, but it’s a shame Yellow Ranger’s Ptera grips don’t fold out into their normal mode. Then there’s the shields they all come with. They are one piece, and made of some sort of rubber so that they slip over the Ranger’s heads. They actually stay on pretty well, and I think they look great! You can even put them on the Rangers from the first line if you want! White’s is just his normal shield however.

I listed the pros above, but this is a Bandai line of toys which means there are cons as well. The paint detailing isn’t so great. White probably looks the worst, as he’s missing a lot of black. His shield is also painted all wrong. The other Rangers are pretty much painted the same as the first line, with the diamond detailing stopping at the elbows and knees. I also found that the paint was kinda sloppy, particularly on the helmets. I had to look through a few to find the one with the least worst paint job, as none were perfect. They did actually give Tommy the black lines on his diamonds this time, but they didn’t give him them on his shoulder pads. This however is an easy fix because the groves are cut into the shoulder pads, so all you need to do is get a sharpie and do it yourself. I did and it looks just as good as if Bandai did it themselves. The weapons also don’t have the best paint jobs, despite the prototypes having fully colored weapons. The Ptera Grips are solid yellow, Brachio Staff is solid gold again, the Tricera Sheild probably looks the best being blue, gold, and white. The Tyranno Staff doesn’t have any of the white diamonds, but it’s face is painted, and the Drago Swords are all white with a little gold on the heads. They could be better but they aren’t awful.

So in conclusion for under $6 (depending on where you buy) you get a Ranger with a decent action feature, their individual weapon which combines with the others, an additional weapon that combines to make a Megazord, and a cool battle shield. Despite their flaws I’d still recommend picking up the whole series, it’s worth it for the accessories alone, all of which can be used with the first line of figures if you wind up hating these that much, which I doubt anyone will. I didn’t review the Triptoid at all because it’s the exact same thing, only green. If you want the extra Triptoid get it, if you weren’t crazy about the others then this one won’t change your mind.

July 2nd, 2004, 12:37 AM
These were the toys I’ve been waiting for since I saw them in the opening credits, so it was pretty sweet finally getting them today. I got Black and White naturally, the only ones that are the show. They are definitely cool vehicles, a nice change of pace. The front fires off like a missile, a hook extends out of the back to drag something, and the pull down lever allows you to keep it in a wheelie position. The figures that come with it seem like a waste to me though. The same figures from the Raptor and Hovercraft Cycles. They didn’t even attempt to do anything different with them. I must say the figures do look a tad big on the ATV’s too. I put the Black Ranger that comes with the Raptor Rider on it and it looks a hundred times better. Not to nitpick, but the ATV’s do look a little on the thin side. They definitely look wider in the show, or at least the wheels come out more. That’s minor though. Also the White ATV does look a little odd with the Dino Thunder symbol on it. They had the sense to leave it off his costume, but they put it on the ATV. Maybe it won’t bother me so much whenever he turns good, but for now it looks kinda out of place, but again I’m probably nitpicking. Overall I love these things, they’re loads of fun. I definitely recommend picking these up, and if you really want them to look their best I suggest buying a Black Raptor and White Drago Rider if you don’t already have them to get normal Rangers that are more in scale with these vehicles. If not the others work fine, I just prefer the slightly smaller Rangers on these things, and without all the armor.

White Dino Thunder
July 2nd, 2004, 11:58 AM
Cool, can you take some pictures, if not thats ok, I just like to see what they look like.

July 2nd, 2004, 02:55 PM
Cool, can you take some pictures, if not thats ok, I just like to see what they look like.

I would, but I'm incredibly lazy.