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Mega Voyager
October 13th, 2003, 01:40 PM
Power Rangers Gamma Strike
The Dragonic Hunter, part 2

The six Rangers had been beaten quite easily in the last battle. They had succeeded in damaging the fifth Giganoid, although they weren’t sure their luck would hold. They may have driven him off, but they were aware that this Giganoid was far superior to the others, and that, knowing Tiamat, he would make sure it wasn’t possible to harm his latest Giganoid, as this would allow him to torment the Rangers more. They knew it wouldn’t take long for him to succeed.

“We’ll go back to the cinema, until he attacks again,” Lauren said as she and Glen teleported off.

“Maybe I should go to the Battle Star. I’m more familiar with the equipment, so I would be better at searching for anyone besides Tiamat,” Nick explained, also teleporting away.

“I know some people who may be able to help us,” Ted explained as he tried to get the Silver Dune Buggy working again, “If we can get them to help us, then we will stand a better chance against Tiamat.

Ted then drove off in the Silver dune buggy, headed towards whoever he intended to find.

“I guess we’d start patrolling the city,” Darren muttered.

* * *

Tiamat saw that the Ranger team was divided once again. He knew it would be easy to attack the team now. But there was one more thing that had to be finished before the next attack could begin.

Shadow Hunter was back at the base; Tiamat knew he had to improve on this Giganoid in order to have a chance against the heroes. Soon enough, it would be time to strike and the heroes would fall.

The Giganoid now had his bow and arrow arm modified into a cannon, an automatic rifle replacing his crossbow hand.

“I take it you will attack the Rangers again soon,” Cravex said, annoyed that Tiamat seemed to be taking each attack the group launched. But maybe because there had only been two attacks and one had nothing to do with the group, at least, as far as Cravex knew.

“Yes, I shall use my Giganoid to finish off the Rangers soon. They won’t be able to defeat him this time. The improvements should be enough to stop that,” laughed Tiamat.

Tiamat thought Cravex was an incompetent fool. How had he managed to almost finish off the Rangers before?

* * *

The Silver Dune Buggy arrived at a strange building. Ted got out; he knew it might be difficult to get help.

* * *

“Jake? Deirdre? Randy?” Ted asked, hoping these people were here. Sure enough, two men and a woman showed up.

Inside the building were a lot of strange devices. This group of three often looked into unexplained phenomena. They were mostly paranoid about everything and didn’t trust many people.

“Have any aliens abducted drunken fisherman?” the first man asked.
“Randy, don’t be stupid, obviously a hydra devoured some hikers, right?” the woman, Deirdre, asked.
“Is the Government experimenting on innocents?” the second man, Jake, asked.

“Not exactly,” Ted replied, “Well firstly I’m the Silver Ranger and secondly Darkstorm, the latest evil to attack, has several Generals. We defeated two of them but we need your help because a dragon-based General showed up and is kicking our butts.”

The three looked at each other for a few seconds.
Jake finally spoke, “Damn, I was hoping something interesting was going on!”

* * *

“Tiamat, is the Giganoid ready for the second attack?” asked Darkstorm. He was beginning to grow impatient with the repeated failed attempts to finish off the Rangers. Quite honestly, Darkstorm didn’t understand why the Rangers weren’t dead yet. Surely the Giganoid could have kept fighting even with that attack by the Mosasaur Crossbow.

Cindar was watching all this. He didn’t see how the Giganoids were any more dangerous than his evil Zords. Surely he’d be able to finish the Rangers off if they were split up. Cindar hated the fact that Tiamat would defeat the Rangers when they were in a weak situation and then claim victory as if the Rangers were at their strongest.

“At last, the Gamma Rangers will be finished off,” Reekon said, sounding excited, which annoyed Cindar even more. Cindar slammed his club into the wall, badly damaging it. Remembering when Cravex fought Tiamat, Cindar then decided it was a good idea to run out of the room.

“At last, Shadow Hunter is ready for the next battle!” laughed Tiamat, ready to complete his plan. Shadow Hunter, his powered-up form now entirely complete, then vanished.

* * *

“The Giganoid is attacking again,” Darren said through Glen and Lauren’s Morphers. They knew this wouldn’t be easy.

“Gamma power!” the two of them called, after getting into the corridor, where no one was around.

* * *

Shadow Hunter was blasting buildings apart. Gamma Red, Gamma Blue, Gamma White and Gamma Gold ran over to see him blasting the buildings to pieces.

“Gamma Knight, online!” Gamma Red, Gamma Blue and Gamma White called, once again, uniting the Ceratosaurus, Tylosaurus and Velociraptor. Gamma Knight again stood facing Shadow Hunter.

“I guess you still won’t be able to beat me!” laughed Shadow Hunter. He fired his cannon and Gamma Knight staggered back, injured.

“Grand Liopleurodon, online!” Gamma Gold shouted, arriving in Grand Liopleurodon, already in Megazord mode.

“Now you’re all going to suffer!” Shadow Hunter shouted, blasting Gamma Knight and Grand Liopleurodon with a shot from his cannon. Gamma Knight staggered back again but Grand Liopleurodon charged through, hitting Shadow Hunter a few times. He struggled to retaliate but managed to punch Grand Liopleurodon backwards.

“Mosasaur Crossbow, activate! Fire!” Gamma Blue called, using the same Gamma Sphere as last time, though not surprisingly, Shadow Hunter was unfazed by this assault.

“Kronosaur Cannon, activate!” Gamma Gold shouted. He fired a shot from the cannon and it hit, but again did no damage.

“Gamma Lancer, online!” the four heroes called, realising they needed immense firepower here!
“Chainsaw Strike!” they went for the Megazord’s finisher, through Shadow Hunter used an anchor and threw it at Gamma Lancer, knocking him down.

* * *

Nick hadn’t helped so far because Ted hadn’t been there and that meant they couldn’t use Gamma Hunter.
“I think we’ve got to help them,” Ted pointed out as he finally arrived on the Battle Star.

* * *

“Thunder Coyote, fire!” Glen ordered as Thunder Coyote fired a Gamma Sphere at Shadow Hunter, hitting him and, for once, driving him back! However, he fired with everything he had, once again inflicting damage on the Carrier Zord.

Gamma Hunter suddenly arrived, firing on Shadow Hunter with his Nothosaur Spear in harpoon mode, but Shadow Hunter didn’t react. Gamma Lancer suddenly separated into Gamma Knight and Grand Liopleurodon.

“Quetzalcoatlus Winger, online!” all the heroes but Gamma Gold called, “Gamma Chimera, unite!”

Gamma Chimera now stood opposite Shadow Hunter, although the Rangers were still worried.

“Artillery Barrage!” the Rangers called, using their Megazord’s finisher.
“My barrage is better!” stated Shadow Hunter as he fired back. To his surprise, however, the Artillery Barrage overpowered his guns and struck, throwing him to the ground. The Rangers were shocked to find that they could actually damage him this much.

“That wasn’t such a good idea!” shouted Shadow Hunter, as he lashed out at them with his anchor. It not only hit and caused damage, but the chain entangled Gamma Chimera, holding him in place while Shadow Hunter began firing on him, causing more and more damage.

“I think you forgot about me,” Gamma Gold shouted as Grand Liopleurodon charged in and cleaved through the anchor’s chain. Grand Liopleurodon and Gamma Chimera now stood ready to bring down Shadow Hunter.

“Battle Star, activate!” Gamma Gold called as the Battle Star approached the battlefield. Grand Liopleurodon rode it like a skyboard. It slammed into Shadow Hunter and grievously wounded him. Grand Liopleurodon and Battle Star then both left the battlefield, Gamma Gold transferring to Thunder Coyote.

“Now we can finish this,” Gamma Gold muttered, as the Gamma Ultra Chimera then formed and stood ready for combat.
“You’ll never defeat me!” Shadow Hunter shouted, firing at the recently discovered powerful combination.
“Gamma Ultra Chimera, fire!” the six heroes called, the resulting barrage of firepower blasting Shadow Hunter apart.

* * *

The Rangers had now returned to the Battle Star. They had succeeded in destroying one of Tiamat’s monsters but that didn’t make the situation any easier. Things had become a lot more serious from the second Tiamat arrived and they weren’t getting easier now.

Hopefully they could find out a weakness Tiamat had. So far they hadn’t even been able to scratch him.