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The Power Ranger War

Prolouge-Before the Blood Shed

Journal Entry 1.23.58
Personal Entrance Code 3435490-02 Andros

It's been two years since the war broke out, and I can't help but wonder if this is my fault, or his. We've been freinds for as long as my memory can remember. We destroyed the remanats of the machine empire together, and now we're at odds. I know it's not my fault. It was his mistake, not mine. He should have learned through his experances that what he did was wrong. I guess it was the power. Damn that gem. Damn it straight to the far reaches of space.

He just didn't trust me when I told him those things where no good. Now he's out there, do lord knows what, and loving every second of it. I need to find a way to stop him. It has to be me. T.J. has stood at my side, and is ready to fight his old mentor, but I know I have to do it. I have to bring him back, or kill him. I don't want to but if it comes down to it I will.

Journal Entry 1.23.58


Dear Kim

I've made it back to earth. It's been almost two years since I last saw you. I wanted to meet you again before I go back up. I have things I want to tell you, and I also have something for you. I won't tell you over this letter, unless it lands in the wrong hands. I hope you and your daughter are alright, and I hope she never ends up were we went. Power Rangers to the end is my motto. That is all I can say in this letter. Meet me at Juice bar, and I'll explain everything.

Love forever,


Chapter 1-Both Sides

"It's been almost Two years since the war started and I still don't believe," Kira Ford, the Yellow Dino Ranger, said as she was kicked the Shadow S.P.D Ranger Sky Tate, to the ground. "Don't you guys understand that this is for the better?"

"No, what those gems are doing to you is wrong." Sky said, getting back to his feet. "Your losing your humanity, and self-control. The Dino instincts are taking over. You have to fight it, to regain control."

"Regain Control?" Kira laughed, "I've never lost it." and with that, she let out a scream so high pitch, that Sky could feel his head viberate inside his helmet. "Face it, your on the wrong side. Kruger would have been on our side in a heart beat if he was still a Ranger."

"Very unlikely, Shadow Saber!" Sky drew and slashed his saber with such force that if the blade would have touched her, she would have been in two pieces. Instead, the force of the air striking her, just knocked her backwards.

"You should really learn your target before you attack!"Kira said just a second before she disappeared in flash of yellow light.

"Bridge!" Sky said, talking into his wrist communicator, "I've lost her, but you were right, she has gone over with him."

"I knew she would." Came a voice back, "I'll let Jack and Z know."

"Alright. Then I'll be back in a minute. I'm gonna finish surveying the area."


Cassie Chan, Pink Space Ranger, was in an element he didn't like that much. Deep Space. She and T.J. Johnson, Blue Space Ranger, were sent out here to look for Kendrix, Pink Galaxy Ranger, who had disappeared about a month proir, in search of the Aquitan Rangers, who had decided that an Earth Ranger struggle was not any of their concern, who had been dealing with troubles on there own planet.

"I don't think I should have come out here." T.J. said, as he steered the Astro Megaship version 2 through the Astroid field, "I've never been one for vast space."

"You'll be okay." Cassie said, patting him on the back, "Why don't you let me steer for a while, so you can rest." T.J. got up without a word, and went toward the back of the Cockpit, and lied down in a little cot. Cassie finished guiding the ship through the field with much ease, but the gasp of air that left her you'd have thought that the ship was hit.

Straight Ahead of her was the Shuttle that Kendrix was flying. It was just floating their, in two pieces. Then something was jabbed into the back of her head. She recognized it at once. It was T.J.'s Blaster. Tears immediatly filled her eyes.

"Why?" She asked in an almost inaudible voice.

"Because, I'll never betray Tommy. He believed in me enough to give me his powers. I won't let him regret it!" He said, his voice was showing signs of both sadness and confusion.

"Then I'm sorry friend." Cassie said, as she flipped backward out of her seat. "Let's Rocket" She announced. She dialed in 3-3-5. and became the pink Space Ranger. She was stareing into the eyes of the Blue Space Ranger.

"I'm sorry to." T.J. charged at Cassie, who side stepped, and knocked T.J. on his back. She then went to kick him in the side, as he brought his feet up, and kicked her hard in the chest, knocking her back. He stood up, and looked at Cassie's feet. She also looked down, and noticed his blaster. He dived, and she grabbed at it. She had it up and pointed at T.J. before he could do anything.

"So, where is Kendrix? Did you kill her like your trying to do to me?"

"No, Jason killed her." He seemed even sadder, "and Karone to, so the powers couldn't be passed on."

"Your evil." She cried, "Tommy's evil, Jason's Evil, Your Evil!"

"NO!" he cried, striking Cassie down with a hard blow, "I'm not giving up on Tommy! He will stay proud of me!"


Chapter 2-The Power Coins

(About a year before the prolouge)

Billy, former Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, was running down an abandoned street in Angel Grove, being chased by an old friend, Zack, Former Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. It was night time, and so it was hard to see. Billy had something in his hands that appeared to be a small box. In it held the Power Coins.

"Give me those Coins, nerd!" Zack yelled at Billy, who had just flipped over a parked SUV, which was parked in the middle of the road. Zack ran around the car.

"Ha. Your out of practice Zack! Guess you've been away to long!" Billy said, stopping in front of the ol' Juice Bar. He put the box down, and slid it behind him, where a built asian man can out and picked up the box. "Now run Adam! I'll hold him here."

"Your not a fighter Billy." Zack laughed, "You couldn't even beat a Z putty, when the target was so easy to hit."

"Yeah, well I'm not planning on beating you in any fight." He said, "I'm just here to make sure you don't get the coins."

"Fat Chance, 4-eyes!" Zack jumped into the air, and aimed a kick to Billy's chest. Luckily, Billy was expecting this, so he grabbed his foot, and flipped him into the air, and onto his back. "Damn you!" Zack was on his feet before Billy could even breathe in.

"You don't even fight the same way that you used to." Billy cried, "What's happened to you?"

"Me! What's happened to you?" Zack snapped back, "We don't turn our backs on friends! Tommy needs us!"


Adam Park ran with the box, as hard as he could. He had to make it back to the Astroship as soon as possible. He ran, dodging past cars, and jumping over debris that covered the ground. Turned the corner just a little to fast and slipped in a puddle, landing on his ass. The Box flew away from him, and landed at the feet of Jason Lee Scott, former Red Ranger.

"Thank you, Adam. This is exactly what I was looking for." Jason picked up the box, and opened it. "Hello friend." He pulled out a coin. It was the Tyrannosaurus coin, the one that Zordon gave him so many years ago, "I'm glad to see you again." He then pressed his watch and disappeared.

"Damn!" Adam cried, standing up. Billy was limping when he came up next to Adam.

"Zack was only a decoy!" Adam said, "Jason was the one here to pick up the Coins!"

"I know, it was the last thing Zack said before he left." Billy said.

"What now?" Adam asked, as he looked at Billy.

"Fight back!" He smiled, pulling a coin out of his pocket.


Chapter 3-The Reunion

(A/N-Back in present)

Tommy was sitting in the Juice Bar. Many teens were looking at him, not because he was an adult in the juice bar, but because he's Dr. Thomas Oliver. The world knows him as the black Dino Ranger. (They don't know about his other power ranger roles.) They also know that he just came back to earth, after a trip the Terra Venture II, as the guest of honor. He was staring at the door, as if waiting for someone to come in, and as if on cue, Kimberly Hart walked in, a little eight year old girl at her side.

"Uncle Tommy!" the little girl ran towards Tommy, who was standing with open arms.

"Hello, Little Trini!" He smiled, wrapping her into a large bear hug, "and how is are you doing."

"Me, well I'm fine, but Mommy's acting funny." Trini Kawn Hart said. (The name is a homage to the Actor who played Trini, and was killed in a car wreck by a drunk driver.)

"Is that so?" Tommy sat down Trini, and looked at Kim, "Why is that?"

"Trini, go have Ernie make you a smoothie. Any kind you want." Kim said, her eyes not leaving Tommy. The little girl ran off to the bar, and waved over a heavily plump man, with a balding head of gray hair.

"Hello, Kimberly." Tommy said, smiling.

"Oh, cut the act Tommy." Kim said, a frown on his face, "Why do you want to see me."

"Okay, The thing is, I need your help, and I need it bad." Tommy said, "Some of the Rangers are stepping across the line, and are attacking other Rangers. I need you to help me calm them down."

"Is that so. Well, I hope you don't mind if I don't believe you." Kim said, "Because, I was talking to Billy yesterday. For the first time since I left. He was warning me about things you've done." Tears were appearing in her eyes, "How you had Rangers killed."

"That's a lie, I haven't had anyone killed!" He said, his voice in a whisper, "I've been trying to stop them!"

"Prove it to me."

"How?" Tommy looked deeper into Kim's eyes.

"Tell me how Kendrix was killed, and why Billy said that you had Jason kill her." Although Kim's eyes were filled with tears, Tommy could tell that determination to learn the truth.

"Look, I had nothing to do with--" Suddenly, Tommy got a glazed look on his face, when he came to, his attitude changed, "See her?" He pointed at Little Trini, "If you don't help me, I'll do to her, just like I did to her name sake. Understand?"

Kim didn't hestitate, she brought her communicator to her mouth, "Billy, your right. Come on in." A crash behind Ernie's bar, and Adam, and an African American girl, know as Aishia Campbell, came in, and grabbed the little girl, and took her out through the back.

"Bad move!" Tommy smiled, "I'm glad you made it. why? Because, your my only weakness!" Tommy, pulled a small key out of his pocket, "Dino Thunder, Power Up!" He put the key into his morpher on his wrist. In an explosion of black and gold light, he became the Black Dino Ranger. "Lets play!"

"Not Today." Kim said, as she turned, and ran for Ernies bar, she leapt over it with no problem, and was out the back door before Tommy could blink.

"Connor! After her!" He pointed at a kid in a red soccer jersey, who had a brown hair, and a morpher, similar to Tommy's on his wrist. He morphed into the Red Dino Ranger without another word. He disappeared, in a red light, going after Kim.


Chapter 4-3 years ago

Justin Stewart, the use to be Blue Turbo Ranger, sat at his mundan booth in an average joe job, completely oblivous to what was going up on the outside world. It's been 11 years since he's talked to any of his old team mates, but outta habit, he kept his morpher with him. Still, he was very shocked when it beeped for his attention. He opened his desk, and pulled it out with lightning speed.

"H-hello?" His voice quivered with silence into the morpher.

"Justin? Is that you?" Came a voice that hasn't changed once in 11 years.

"Carlos!" Justin said with joy. A head of one of his working neighbors popped over the edge of short wall that seperated them. "I know, shh. Right?" Justin got up, and headed toward the bathroom. "Carlos, nice to hear from you. How are you?"

"Not well. I was wondering if the homing beacon on your morpher worked, so you can teleport here quickly."

"Um, I'm unsure. I thought the morpher was broken after the power station was destroyed." Justin said, checking the stalls to see if anyone else was in the bathroom.

"No, Alpha was able to repair the morphing grid completely, so know we can all morph again." Carlos said, "So, hurry up, and teleport to my location."


Carlos, the current Green Turbo Ranger, was standing in the back of the Astro Megaship. He was surveying the damage that T.J. left behind, after the fight he and Cassie had. All he found of either one of them was T.J.'s Astro Axe, and Cassie's Helmet. There was a blue flash, and The Blue Turbo Ranger, Justin, was standing next to him.

"What's gone on here?" Justin asked, seeing the wreckage of the cockpit.

"T.J.'s turned on us, joining Tommy." Carlos said.

"What?" Justin looked at Carlos.

"Oh, that's right. You haven't been in the middle of this have you." Carlos said, slightly shocked, "Here sit down." He had Justin sit in on the cot that had a blood stain in it.

"It started about 3 years ago."


3 years ago

"Tommy, I think I found something" Elsa Rangall said, calling over a tall man in a black shirt with short spiky black hair. He stood, and walked over. Elsa stood, her brown hair falling to the middle of her back, her eyes were on the small something in her hand.

"Whatcha find?" Tommy asked when he got close enough.

"Some coin." She said, "It looks kinda like the Dino Thunder Symbol, only more rounded." She held it up. It was a golden coin, with the symbol of a claw on it."

"No way! I thought he would have destroyed it after he retired!" Tommy said, taking the coin from her.


"My clone, Tom." Tommy said, "The one I told you about. We sent him into the past, after my time travel incedent."

"So this was his Power Coin?" She asked.

"Yeah, it's a perfect copy mine." He held it up, along with his dino gem, which he had on his wrist, because of habit. The Coin had a green glow that Tommy didn't see until a green bolt shot across into his gem. "Whoa!" He dropped the coin.

"What was that?" Elsa asked.

"I-I don't know what that was. It cou--" He had a sudden empty look on his face. When he came to again, his eyes seemed to have a slightly more green in them. "Finally! I'm free!" He looked around, his eyes fell on Elsa. "Ah," his hands moved with lightning speed. His fingers were wrapped around her throat. With the smallest twitch of his hands and she was dead. "It's good to be ba--" The blank look appeared on his face again, as Tommy regain control of his body. He looked down at Elsa, turned, and ran for it. Not knowing where to go from there.


Chapter 5-Lost Souls of Lost Galaxy

"That's what happened. I haven't been here very long. Andros just read the distress signal about 30 minutes ago. Cassie sent it out." Carlos said, "I needed back up, just in case, and everyone else is being used at the moment. So I called you, knowing that you hadn't been assigned. I completely forgot that you had no idea about the morphing grid being repaired." Carlos finished, as Justin listened.

"Well, I'm glad you did call. What are to do then?" Justin asked. He was feeling a little giddy, now that he's able to be a Ranger again.

"First, we search the rest of the ship. See if T.J. or Cassie are still abored, though scans read that we are the only two life forms on this ship." Carlos looked over his shoulder, out the window at the shuttle that was there, floating in two pieces, "Then we go out there, and we get Kendrix, and Karone's bodies, bring them back to earth to bury them. And so, Andros can say good-bye to his sister.

"Alright." Justin stood up, "I'll stay on this floor of the ship, and search, since I don't know the ship that well." Carlos agreed and they went on there way, looking all over the ship for any thing else. Most of the ship was in perfect order, and after 20 minutes of search, Justin returned to the deck, and called for Carlos.


"Where's the security footage?" Justin asked.

"T.J. shot the console, so all the last thing we see is T.J. shooting Cassie with his blaster." Carlos said over the communicator, "I can't seem to find anything down here. Lets head over to the wreckage."

"Sure, lets go." Justin left the deck, knowing what he was about to see. He started to feel a little queasy. Two rangers dead. He didn't like the idea of this, but he went anyway. He met Carlos in the docking bay, at the bottom of the ship. They boarded the Mega V2-Shuttle Voyager, which was Carlos's Personal Space Zord. They flew over to space craft, and landed.

"You take the front half, and I'll take the back."


(A/N-I'm sorry to end this chapter here, but I couldn't write them finding Kendrix, and Karone's bodies in deep space. I mean they together, made the coolest Pink Ranger in existence, and for the sake of the story I killed them. I'm sorry. This was just to much for me to do.)


(Chapter 6 will be up soon. Just let me know what you think of the story.)

May 30th, 2008, 02:24 PM
an African American girl, know as Aishia Campbell

Did you really have to point that out?

Other than that, the story seems good. I'll keep reading.

roc da mic
June 1st, 2008, 10:27 AM
Not bad . not bad at all.

June 1st, 2008, 11:11 AM
Did you really have to point that out?

Other than that, the story seems good. I'll keep reading.

The Only reason I pointed that out was for people who didn't know who she was, and for some small detail.

June 1st, 2008, 05:52 PM
There's some potential in this story, but it'd be a good idea for you to invest in a beta reader. There are both spelling and punctuation errors. In more than one part of the story, I noticed that you used 'your' instead of 'you're' which seems to be a common mistake.

Your chapters are kind of short and they could used some fleshing out. It was strange how you just ended the fifth chapter. Regardless of how you feel, you have to be able to go all the way with it. I'm sure those that are keeping up with the story want to know how the other characters feel about their deaths.

When is all this taking place? Andros' journal entry is labeled 1.23.58. I assume that is a date. Is that supposed to be 2058? You're bouncing back and forth between the years a lot. That's not a bad thing, but it would make it a lot easier to keep up with the timeframe within your story if it was made clear.

June 1st, 2008, 07:53 PM
yeah very good story not sure when it is taking place though im going to assume it is around dino thunder...duh lol, but with spd involved did they go back in time or is it really 2058, cuz then tommy would be hella old...well in fact they all would be...so yeah that could use definition, otherwise i think it is awsome

June 2nd, 2008, 04:26 PM
When is all this taking place? Andros' journal entry is labeled 1.23.58. I assume that is a date. Is that supposed to be 2058? You're bouncing back and forth between the years a lot. That's not a bad thing, but it would make it a lot easier to keep up with the timeframe within your story if it was made clear.

No, 1.23.58 is journal entry number.