View Full Version : Looking for a few items...

Crimson Liner
June 17th, 2007, 05:16 PM
Okay so here's the deal. I get paid on Thursday ($42 to be exact) but $21 of that is going into savings and I need cash to go pick up a Black Hovertek Cycle and the Wave 2 Mercury, Yellow, and Pink Overdrive Rangers.

So, what I need from you, is help finding the following items:

Red Hovertek Cycle Figure (just the figure)
Two of either Red, Black, or Blue (any combination, I need two for sure) of the original Light Game Overdrive Figures.
The faceplates for the Ankylo and Parasaur Zords.

I'm not looking to pay more than $20 all together, since I'm just asking for some figures and some faceplates, but we'll see where it goes. If you can help, PM me with a decent price that I'd be able to pay.